Sinjini Saha

Dacres Lane-The Lost Food Paradise of Kolkata

September 7, 2018

Dacres Lane brings food smeared with history on your table. This decaying lane bursting with stalls serves cheap eats at an exceptional standard. Dinky furniture, quick service, and cheerful vibe sum up food sojourn in Decker’s Lane. It is situated right at the heart of the busy business district of BBD Bagh and has been satiating thousands of office goers over years. Bengali, Chinese and Tandoor meals beautifully amalgamate in Decker’s Lane. Not to forget the Cutlet, Kabiraji or the iconic Rolls make an appearance too.

History of Dacres Lane

Dacres Lane

This narrow stretch of lane connects Waterloo Street on North to Esplanade Row on South. Formally popular as James Hickey Sarani is Kolkata’s beloved Decker’s Lane. Almost 200 years old, Dacres Lane was named after Calcutta Collector, Philip Milner Dacre. He used to meet sailors in this place. The British left leaving behind an aromatic flavorsome legacy.

Food-Delight of Dacres Lane

Dacres Lane

Deckers Lane in Kolkata summarizes memorable lunchtime combination. If you are food-obsessed without disposable monies for lavish dining, Decker’s Lane is your go-to place. Trust us, it does not upset!!

Decker’s Lane is not about the renowned food stalls, it is a map of signature dishes. You will find the most delectable plate of rice and curry at a shabby unknown stall run by an old lady. Somebody, little further, whipping up steaming Idlis and Dosa or the Indian Style, Chow Mein!!!

dacres lane foodSomebody else frying Kolkata’s very own pya aji and Tele Baja. In the most unrecorded quarters, you can feast on the Kolkata Biriyani. Kolkata’s timeless favorite, the Mughlai Paratha, and Egg Chicken Rolls go classic in this very street. An insane helping of food wrapped in love is what Decker’s Lane packs up.

However, we can take look at few oldest food stalls in Decker’S Lane.

Chittoda’sDacres Lane

Kolkata had its own tryst with Continental Fare right on the streets of Dacres Lane. Chitto Babur Dokan or Chitto da’s, close to a century old, dished out a plate of white fluffy bread accompanied by bland yet tasty Chicken Stew. Thus began the journey of Continental Cuisine in the city of Joy with Dacre’s lane. Today, this chicken stew finds a fan in every Indian and Foreign food connoisseur. Run by the third generation, Chittoda today is an institution. Ghughni, Dimer Devil, and Kabiraji are few of the lip-smacking delicacies.


Dacres Lane

Kolkata has mesmerizing monsoons and the season favorite of Bengalis is Khichuri. For that indulgent plate of Khichuri (just like the one cooked by Ma) all you need to do is drop by Apanjan. Located right beside Chittoda’s, Apanjan is one of the oldest survivors in Decker’s Lane. The original Khichuri served with Begun Bhaja, Papad, Chutney and garnished with ghee makes you feel the old will always remain charming. Another shop of Apanjan dishes out Indian-Style Chinese Noodles and Fried rice. Variety beyond imagination we say!!Dacres Lane

For some North Indian Street, Food packed with Chinese punch, you got to visit Classic Fast Food Centre. Sample the greasy Biriyani with the divine Korma oozing out fat and you know sinful is exciting. And for that little China inside you, a plate of Chowmein cooked in Bengali Style is always available.Dacres Lane

For that office-goer on the run, Sandwiches with crazy fillings have stirred storm on global table. Back home, the dingy lane of Deckers Lane has its own classic take on Sandwiches. Bebo Sandwich which is apparently a collection of a small table with umbrellas offers Sandwiches in the time-tested English Style. A simple filling of Onion, Tomato, and Capsicum placed between grilled bread says simplicity never goes wrong.

Have you ever experienced how a bowl of curd sprinkled with sugar can be special? Well, take a dig in Only Lassi at Decker’s Lane. Cool Concoction of Curd, Sugar, and Water is a savior in the scorching city summer.

dacres lane

Dacres Lane has been fantastic leveler in Kolkata. Citizens of all age, from the varied backdrop, huddle together on wooden benches and made meal memories. It does not matter how much tip you are dishing out or what attire you are sporting, all you need to carry is a robust appetite!!! Next time while zooming by Waterloo or Esplanade grab a date with Dacres Lane!!!



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