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The ‘Brahmastra’ Of Quirky Film Promotions… This Is How They Did It!

Every Friday is a wait for both the film makers and the audience. For the  Production houses, It’s the recovery of the budget that they have put in, is the primary concern. For the audience, it goes Beyond the form of  mere source of entertainment . The Gimmicks Of the Game! Films like URI: the

Step Out of The City for Some Of The Hottest Holi Bashes

Holi is around the corner, and most of you must have set your plans for the festival of colours……we say, not so fast. Why not step out of the city for some of the funkiest holi parties? There are plenteous options that we would like to share with you, because…the more the merrier right? Spread

These Super Women DJs In India Know How To Spin Right!

Heavy Metal and EDM? A woman? No way! …… Absolutely…. Yes! While we speak of Feminism and shattering glass ceilings, why leave any stone unturned? DJ’ing’ is one profession that has digressed from stereotypes! These sassy women know how to spin….. and spin right! Garnering accolades for their musical talent, these ladies dared to break

20 Best Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Romantic movies have been always filling our hearts with hope and love — and what better way to spend the Valentine week than to cuddle up with your sweetheart and watch romantic movies? So, here we are with our compilation of best romantic movies ever made to watch this Valentine’s Day. Dirty Dancing Story: While


Comic book couples we adore

Now that Valentine’s day is here, we can all take a step back and reminisce on the moment that made YOU feel like a superhero to your significant better half. Like the saying goes – “there’s a superhero in all of us” it’s pretty natural to live up or try to live up to that

Valentine’s Day plans for Onesies …. HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY

To begin with, this isn’t an anti Valentine post, I don’t think I can top the Hindu Mahasabha after all I’m a minority in this country, SINGLE.  Yes, to that intellectual breed of homosapiens that just can’t seem to find the perfect partner or the “soulmate” you have arrived at the right place. Now, I

World’s Most Weird Weddings That You Can’t Even Imagine

You know he / she is a keeper when she / he agree to get married to you next to a volcano or in a zoo or in a cosplay attire. There are some people who think out of the box so here’s a looking at the unusual weddings around the world. Mount Everest Yes,

Have You Subscribed To the Tharoor Dictionary Yet !

Well, Well,  it is no surprise to all of us that Mr. Shashi Tharoor is known for his vocabulary unless you are living under a rock. The man is followed by 6.67 million people on twitter who wait very patiently to learn their “word of the day”. And why not, there is no place else




The Oscars 2019: How the night of glitz and glamour unfolded.

The 91st Academy Awards finally happened and we couldn’t have asked for a better night than this. The Oscars had controversy surrounding it due to lack of host after Kevin Hart withdrew over homophobic tweets to a reversed decision to present four awards in commercial breaks. The Oscars opened with a phenomenal performance by Queen

One life, many styles, multiple feats but one name: Karl Lagerfeld

Peter Watson in his appraisal of among the most enigmatic people of our planet -“German Genius”- shares that “The Germans dive deeper and come up muddier!” What was he pointing to? What does the quote convey to you? Anyone? Surely, those who love mudslinging off-roading adventures or are engaged in technicalities of installing a sewage

We Bet You Didn’t Know These Weird Hobbies Of Your Favourite Celebs

There is no one in the world who doesn’t admire any celebrity. And why, not! It’s always exciting to see and know what is going on in their lives, their fashion and other things that they do. But all the glitter’s is not gold. We often come across celebrities with bizarre hobbies and here are

A Tribute To The Master Comic Writer, Stan Lee, The Creator Of Spider-Man , X-Men…

Most of my childhood was saved from the mundanity and limited quality options for kids viewing, by Spider-Man…. Spider man spider man… I can still hear the show song… Little did I know who the man behind this iconic character, is.  Stan Lee, the feisty writer, editor and publisher was responsible for such iconic characters


War, deaths, chaos, hate, love, peace- what’s up, India; hey Pakistan!!

When a guest knocks on the door of your house, regardless of whether one’s invited or unexpected, culture and courtesy whatever you wish to call it, warrants you to fold your hands, show respect, sport a smile and warmly receive the guest. Pleasantries are exchanged on the spot; smiles often break into laughter. Usually, what

Crazy Things… The MOST Bizarre Facts That Actually Remain A Reality!

The world is a crazy crazy place! There is just so much that still yearns to be discovered. Been a traveller of sorts, I have gathered bits from every destination and put them in my pandora’s box of the good, the offbeat, the surreal, the adventure and….. the crazy! But these countries take bizarre to

7 ‘Holi like’ Colour Festival around the World

Happy Holi folks! If you thought the festival of colours is celebrated just in India, you gotta check that again! There’re many places around the globe where people love playing with colours and water and celebrate it in their own way, if not on the same date and day. What’s Up Life get you in

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her – Break the Stereotype this Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day comes all the love birds get excited and everyone seems to be occupied making it memorable and romantic for their partners. It is the occasion of love which is often misinterpreted as the day for romance between couples only. This often leads to dilution of the purpose of this beautiful day. While

Top innovations by Indians & Indian companies that made the country proud in 2018

2018 will always be a year that’d be remembered for multiple geopolitical crises that hit the earth in the western world and even made tremors in the Middle East. But the latter, is unfortunately often the case as such, isn’t it? This was a year where rabble-rousing against Donald Trump reached a crescendo, given the

Are You Gutsy Enough To Try These Food ?

You think you are a daredevil and can chew anything down your throat? It’s time to reconsider that as these are some weird food in the world that would give you nightmares and can be a task to even put them in your mouth.   Chicken’s Feet Imagine eating those feet with sharp edges. It’s


Highway Dhabas That Extend A Priceless Desi Experience!

Halting midway through your road trip to heavy paranthas and sabzis dripping in oil, served in traditional steel thalis with lots of onions and green chillis – priceless! Speaking of personal experience, the most appealing, intriguing and adventurous bits of my road trips have been credited to the simplest, most humble roadside meals! The roadside

Valentine’s Day in today’s world!!

So the big teeny-bopper day is here. Yes it’s the 14th of February, Valentine Day. What images does that conjure up in your head? Go on define them; they give a fair idea of what decade child you are. If it’s nothing but a ‘western’ concept you are trying to understand, you surely are the

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him- Break the Stereotype this Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day comes all the love birds get excited and everyone seems to be occupied making it memorable and romantic for their partners. It is the occasion of love which is often misinterpreted as the day for romance between couples only. This often leads to dilution of the purpose of this beautiful day. While

WOOGLY – India’s First Superapp for Shopping and Navigation in Malls and Markets

WOOGLY, A first of its kind super-app recently launched by UNYDE Systems in Noida in Logix Mall and various neighbourhood markets , solves all the common issues that are faced by offline shoppers. It is the one single platform that notifies users of all the latest offerings – deals, product launch, store information, product catalogs; offers on their mobile phones, never letting them miss

TAROT FORTUNE 2019 by Manasi Raina

Ancient and Mystic Tarot Wisdom has the power to be your guiding light for your love life, your career and money matters.The 78 Tarot cards are an ancient mystic oracle system which can guide and advise you in matters of daily life! 2019 brings the energy of the divine number 3.This auspicious and creative number

ABL Workspaces Is Here To Change The Game!

Amidst this spate of such coworking spaces sprouting, ABL Workspaces isn’t just one among many, it stands out by virtue of it offering modernity clubbed with convenience. Their expanse widened through Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, here is a space that will defy all quintessential office essence, yet sprucing the way the city works! Where Comfort

TAROT FORTUNE December 15th, 2018 – January 15th, 2019 by Manasi Raina 

Ancient and Mystic Tarot Wisdom has the power to be your guiding light for your love life, your career and money matters. The 78 Tarot cards are an ancient mystic oracle system which can guide and advise you in matters of daily life! As the year 2018 comes to an end, the Goddess Tarot Guidance

Top 8 Winter Treks in India that you must take !!

Winter is that time of the year where Mother Nature falls still, animals hibernate and a spell of silence falls across the land. Shrouded by curtains of fog and chills that run up your spine when you walk out the front door, winters brings with it a bundle of joy. There is much more to

The Trend of More Drama and Less Food

Food habits change phenomenally every couple of years. While the kids of the 70’s and 80’s were over the moon with their mom making burgers with aloo tikkis and calling them “ham burgers”, the 90’s kids have had Mac Donald’s, KFC as staple diet. As of now, drama is as important an ingredient as anything


Kicking Off With Kohli Vs Dhoni, The Schedule Of IPL League 2019, Is Out!

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 is all set to kick-off on Saturday with a mouth-watering clash between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore in Chennai…. Dhoni vs Kohli! If you’re as much a cricket buff as the rest of us, get glued from 23rd of March 2019 onwards for yet another slug

10 Online Shopping Hacks That Will Help You Save a Bundle

One must completely agree with the fact that with the advent of online shopping platforms lives have become much easier for Indian consumers. Now, one can have a special dress from across the globe delivered at their doorstep with utmost ease. Yes, online shopping has indeed made all our lives much more comfortable and easier

Get Your Passport Ready And Hop Your Way To These Countries For These Marathons

Gone are those days when people just took vacations to chill, relax in their hotels. With the growing awareness about health, people have been opting for more fitness trips. The whole idea of fitness trips has actually gone to a whole new level and more intense where trekking, hiking and marathons are a part of

Driving Guide For Expats! Rules & Basics To know Before You Get Into The Driver’s Seat In India

You know you’re a fabulous driver, if you can manoeuvre like an F1 driver through the Indian roads. I am not exaggerating here, that you can measure your level of perfection, if you are able to drive on Indian roads… read Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, UP, Kolkata or the likes. The road rules are…… there are


Ditch Them Hotels For These Beautiful Farmstays

Agritourism is on the rise in our country and why not, when it comes to agriculture in India, agriculture actually goes back to Indus valley civilization. India has a lot to offer and one can experience the true essence of the country by ditching them hotels and staying in farmstays in India. Macchali “Maachali” meaning

Explore The Beautiful Landscape Of Georgia By Visiting These Places

Georgia is one of those picturesque locations that are destined to take your breath away. It goes without saying that majority of the tourists who visit this place get a hang of a little of everything. That is predominantly what makes it what it actually stands for. From long sun kissed coastlines to tall high

Mussoorie-The Queen Of Hills

For all you nature lovers, mountain enthusiasts and nirvana seekers, this piece isn’t a travel guide… it is a virtual experience, a preview of what the place entails in it’s true blue way, right to it’s heart! Mussoorie, Often known as the Queen of Hills, this nature’s prodigy, is situated at an altitude of 2005

Dalhousie- Explore This Joyous Little Wonderland

It is lush green and swinging, for the better part of the year in free-flowing winds. It is a destination so pristine that the urbanity of India; those who repeatedly complain (and why not) about the rush and not so hush a lifestyle in big cities- could well find the true meaning of digital detox

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