The World’s Most Unusual Food Trends !!

To say that the many different food trends across the world are unusual and drop-dead weird would be an understatement of major proportions.

For far too long, Japan has headed the line of countries having the most bizarre food trends and fetishes but the fever, so to say seems to have caught on to many other places on mother earth as well which serve Unusual food

It’s fairly easy to come to terms with the fact that there are innumerable types of foodies and food types to spice up the world, but one cannot simply afford to not be astonished by all the out-of-the-box appeal these unusual trends have.

unusual food trends

Food is like fashion and that means that there are always trends. Some are good, some not so much, and some are just kind of well, weird.

Here’s a lowdown on the weirdest of the weirdest food trends seen all around the globe !


rainbow dessert

To put it simply – the rainbow trend has swept through almost every other kind of food and food group throughout the world.

Even though it’s most appealing when it comes in the form of a dessert, these play-doh like edibles also come in the forms of bagels, sandwiches and burgers !

The rainbow bagel sandwich is basically a colorful bagel stuffed with cotton candy and rainbow sprinkled cake.


Relatively new in the market, this trend is steadily gathering some steam. This is primarily because of the ‘fun factor’ which comes along with it.

People have been lately creating gummy versions of their sodas, but wait till you hear the surprise factor…these are all lifesize !

Some people have gone as far as creating a huge gummy milk jar with pudding flavored jellies ! The sugary factor just skyrockets here.


eatable nail polish

Kids are often given the common notion that chewing their fingernails is unhealthy and gross. But, it kind of becomes an involuntary habit that one can’t easily get rid of.

For the fashion loving women out there, who love to bite their nails at the same time – the peeps over at Hong Kong got you covered !

Apparently, these nail paints are sourced from natural ingredients and secret spices thus making the end product taste like chicken.

But yeah, you are supposed to just lick off the nail paint after application and drying up. Eating and chewing nails still remains gross though. Eww.


Ben & Jerry's

One that can be particularly seen in Asian countries ( re : Japan ! ) it’s safe to say that ice creams are starting to stray into savoury territories.

You want to know how extreme things are? Well then, here are a few flavors available in the market. Crocodile egg ice cream, bacon ice cream, octopus ice cream and garlic ice cream… WTH !!!

PS – Make sure to get your life insured before having all these flavors haha !


Introduced by & in Africa, the fly burgers are made from midge flies – which apparently are a great source of protein.
These flies are caught in wet pots and mashed together, hence forming the charcoal black color of the patties.

Oh my God.



Things are kind of escalating really, really quick here…the bone broth popsicle is supposed to be a frozen dessert treat.

Bone broth and coconut milk are the main ingredients which goes into it’s making.

Introduced in the States, this might just turn out to be the next revolutionary treat for health food fans all around.


crazy milkshakes

Going over-the-top seems to be the trendsetting factor nowadays, but this entry on our list is quite literally the cherry on top !

These milkshakes were made popular in Australia, but they’re quickly becoming popular across the globe. You can’t really go wrong with donuts, milkshakes, and nutella…right?


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