Presenting The World’s First Craft Beer Airlines… Say What?

Is flying around in business, economy or first class been like a normal thing to do? You do get many perks, like in flight liquor, proper meals and even snacks but thinking about having a good craft beer in the flight! We don’t say that canned beers are no good, but the freshness and taste of a craft beer cannot come in comparison with any other kind.

BrewDog is here with the solution for this problem. BrewDog Airlines, started by Scotland based BrewDog Brewery, a Multinational brewery and a pub chain based in Ellon, Scotland. They have introduced a new level of Modern flying for their customers and their affection for craft beer. From Exclusive In-flight goody bag including a BrewDog branded blanket, eye-mask and pillow set, re-usable branded cup, snacks and other surprises IPADs with beery in-flight entertainment from drink TV as well as a choice of Blockbuster movies.

The BrewDog flight carries around 240 passengers and the flight is from London to Columbus (Ohio). You can order the taste of craft beer that you prefer and NO! you are not restricted to just one mug. The servings are generous with some very fancy and yummy bar snacks that will easily elevate your beer experience. The beer is specially curated for high altitudes and the staff serving are also trained by a certified beer expert. And if you are travelling solo, don’t worry for a good comapany as many friendships start at the cheers of a beer mug. The On Board beer experts are just an added benefit yo your entire experience. All those dreams of sitting in a pool of beer is now going to become true.

If the entire flight experience was just not enough, here’s an entire hotel, a BrewDog initiative DogHouse Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. A completely different and unique experience which will make you visit this place again and again.

You just can’t have enough of Beer here.

Contributed by- Arshia Kochar


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