International Coffee Day: Varieties Of Coffee You Should Try Atleast Once In Your Lifetime

Guess what day it is? Monday..yeah? You might be dreading about Monday ever since you got out of your bed only to follow the usual work routine or any other routine which makes you crib about this not-so-happening day after a happening weekend. But if you are sipping a hot cuppa coffee while reading this, or heading towards the beautifully decorated coffee station at your workplace to shoo away your Monday blues,we gotta tell you that today is a day you need to celebrate. Coffee Lovers/Addicts! Today is International Coffee Day and since coffee is love for most of us, here is a list of various kinds of coffee you need to try before you die:



If you are someone who needs a strong caffeine hit yet don’t want to compromise with the sweetness of your coffee,Vienna is “the” kind of coffee you might be looking for. Vienna coffee is made up of two espresso shots and whipped cream that is mixed into the coffee instead of the regular milk and sugar.



Eiskaffee originated in Germany and is made by mixing coffee and an ice-cream together. This type of coffee is considered to be the best for hot-weather and when you are not in a mood to have the traditional hot coffee. Eiskaffee is known to prevent dizziness.



Macchiato is an espresso coffee drink which defines itself as a coffee with a spot of milk. This type of coffee is generally prepared by pouring a small amount of steamed milk into a shot of espresso. A cup of macchiato a day keeps your blood pressure in control.

Turkish Coffee

turkish coffee

Turkish Coffee is basically unfiltered coffee that is prepared by finely brewing ground coffee. It is served with little or moderate sugar and is popular in Turkish weddings.

Yuan Yang Coffee

yuan yang coffee

Yuan Yang coffee is a mixture of coffee and tea popular across China and Hong Kong. The speciality about this coffee is that it can be served both hot and cold. This beverage is made by mixing three parts of coffee and seven parts of Hong-Kong style milk.

How many have you tried yet?


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