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When it comes to security of a women, then it’s the responsibility of every individual themselves than leaving it to police, relative & dear near ones as they all cannot reach all the time everywhere & anywhere when you are in any dangerous situation.

So Self protection & protection of your near & dear ones is your own responsibility

It’s being noticed that attacker relies on the shyness and reluctance of women to create a scene and when women reacts aggressively they take off;  So friends, how to cope with it? Get up and fight back for your own pride and self protection.

I’m listing down a few points as an advisory, basis my years of research & experience so that you, your family and friends may benefit from the same:

Be alert & Active 

women's safety

 Avoid walking in dark and lonely area; avoid talking while walking, never be hesitant to make noise so as to invite attention by shouting.

If someone is following you then changes the route & never go to your house rather go to a friend’s or relative house and call the police helpline.

When you hire an Auto or Taxi, especially after dark, get a friend or relative to note down the number and make sure that drivers sees and listens to that.

Car safety  rules on the road 

women's safety

It applies since the moment you sit in the car-  do the centre locking of the doors, never stop in between and if you had been asked to stop the car by strange people on the road, never scroll down the windows or glass of the car.

Selprotection tools 

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While you do not seem to be bothered about this guy, your preparations to counter him, if the situation so arises should not stop. Think & innovate ways to develop weapons of self defence, for e.g. – book, handbag, car or house keys, deodorants / sprays, nail clippers / file, Dupatta, cell phone etc.


Do not walk into a lonely lane or stretched when being followed. If the threat is imminent and serious, turn around and ask ‘why are you following me?’ but with the strong body language and pretend that you are calling a help and at the top of your voice, to attract attention of by standers etc.  Yell and Run and report the matter to the nearest Police station. Some Help might come in if you let others know that there is a problem.

Be confident 

You need to be proactive, take a stand and act; then only you will be able to fight back so belive in yourself.

Fight back

women's safety

  If you are groped or touched, catch hold of the hand & bite / poke his eyes or face and run away to safety.  Kick him in his groin the easy way to hit him;    Most of the time, this guy would run away as he is on the wrong side of the law and ‘he knows it’. He just goes on because ‘we let him go on’. A busted lip or bruised arm is always better than a deflated ego and lost honour! Choice is yours!!



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