Women Power : What stops you from being a miraculous lady??

“What I really want out of life is to discover something new, something that mankind didn’t know was possible to do”

Above is what a 9 year old little girl wrote to her father and later grew up to be the CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes. She is just a pretty lady, as you are, but different in the manner that she became something more by chasing her passion with diligence.

elizabeth holmesIf she can do it then why can’t you?

What stops you from being a miraculous lady who is independent, capable of doing wonders and standing up to be someone who everyone looks up to? I’m sure that you realize that you women, are not meant just to second for every person, aspect or thought. You too can lead, make your own call, work for your desires and be ambitious.

God has already gifted you with both outer and inner beauty and attractiveness. However, there are a few more things in life for which only you can make efforts for yourself. Those things are success, good health and happiness. And the measurement of these three attributes lies in no one else’s but your hands. Just like Elizabeth Holmes, there are other phenomenal women like Sheryl Sandberg, Indira Nooyi and Katie Rodan who have marked their strong presence in this world in their respective work areas. An additional information about these four is that they star regularly in the Forbes list of strong women. They achieved what they wanted to. Amazing and inspiring, isn’t it?

Just like them, you can also can decide and take control to that what you truly want in life. You too can have all of the success, health and happiness in your life. The only thing that might differ from an individual to individual is the perspective and the parameter of the above three attributes. These attributes are a tremendous way of depicting the Women Power, a power less harnessed but present in every woman that walks on the face of the Earth. Now that you know that you have the power, it won’t take much for you to finally take your first step towards your goals. It might vary from penning down a list of ‘things to do’ to becoming socially visible.

elizabeth women powerHowever, every destination has a way to reach by. Similarly, achieving success, health and happiness in life can also be done only with the help of four helping hands – right mind set, passion, determination and willingness to work hard and diligently. Yes, all you need to do is use your determination to develop a right mindset in order to achieve your passion and make something bigger out of it. If you think that it is difficult, then you can search for guidance and then work ahead.

I urge you to move out of your home, your comfort zone, your bound habits and step ahead towards a dream life that you have always thought and wanted for yourself. You’ll make mistakes but eventually, you’ll learn and you’ll make your life and desires fall into their rightful place.

It is not about learning to live or be like someone else. Being a successful woman is all about finding yourself and developing yourself to the extent that you manage to control the attributes of your life and become solely responsible for it. Be a woman, a woman who’s compassionate, willful, happy, healthy and strong at both body and mind. Yes, be a woman, who’s a symbol of ‘Women Power’, bold and fearless. 

A woman level-headed, a woman spear-headed,

As happy as a summer, and a symbol of Women Power.

Yes, everybody has an amazing power within. We now need to unleash it in order to actually live a fulfilled and amazing life. A happy life. You can join also to one of the workshops I offer in India: Happy & Healthy. Be that most amazing and best version of yourself and start this journey now.

Love, Jasmin


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