Every Inch Matters! And Who Else But Women To Validate That?

Few inches can make all the difference! Before your thoughts deviate and take flight, let me tell you that I’m talking about heels! Maybe you can’t choose your height, but you can choose your heels. Heels are the ultimate feminine accessory. Placed atop those teetering spikes, a woman literally feels on top of the world! And we are not talking about just ramp models. High heels exaggerate sex specific aspects of female gait, which in turn exaggerate her level of confidence manifold. What these shoes do is make women walk even more like women.

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Scientists in France confirmed some of these beliefs through a research study, according to CNBC. They placed women in bars wearing flats, short heels and high heels and found that the women wearing high heels were approached more often by interested men. This indicates that there is an increased association between wearing high heels and sexual attractiveness. The scientists also had the women walk down the street and pretend to drop a glove. During this test, men were more likely to run after women in high heels to return their gloves.

How Heels Originated?

heelsIn the 1500s, the Persian army innovated the heel as a way to keep their feet in the stirrups. They needed to be nimble on horses. The European aristocracy much admired the Persian army. They were considered the most brutal and successful army in the world. As usual, when someone admires someone, they started to emulate them. Aristocrats started wearing heels to make connections to the men they admired. As with all fashion, once the elite adopt it, it tends to filter down. So both women and men, just your average middle-class laborers, they all start wearing heels.

We Love Heels and Not Just For What He’ll Say


No, we do not wear heels to impress men. Period! When a woman walks in heels, fluid strut is required which forces women to move their hips. By moving their hips, whether a subtle strut or an exaggerated cat walk, it reminds women that they are women! And this ‘feel good’ factor elevates their confidence! Women in heels are often women of power. If one were to do a quick search for “business woman,” and if the picture is a full-length shot, you can bet that woman is wearing heels. High heels for women in certain professions are often just part of what’s considered a professional look. The thing about heels is, they have always been about power and privilege.


While there are many who endorse wearing heels, there are many others too with an opinion completely at variance. And there’s a range of reasons  including comfort, mobility, habit, occasion, environment etc. Whatever is comfortable and habitual is worn. If it’s a formal occasion, most women like wearing heels but do not do it while at work or in routine. “I wouldn’t wear it to work and put my back at stake walking from one floor to another.  Wearing heels shouldn’t be compulsory, but optional. It’s not like heels are your only option to look smart and fashion-forward”, says a professional.


All that said, flats have definitely become more widely accepted than they once were. Women are buying more flats than heels. Some feel that wearing heels is succumbing oneself to a seemingly patriarchal ideal. “Agreed! It’s head turning but back pain inducing. I wouldn’t compromise on myself to look appealing”, says a young lady in her 20s. End of the day, it’s a personal choice, and I think it’s a question that each individual person needs to answer for themselves.

Heel Damage Will Not So Easily Heal

heelsBeware! The ill-effects of wearing high heels range from the effects on toes all the way up to the back are umpteen. There might be bunions in the toes and it can also result into a hammer toe where the toes are pointed downwards as they are squeezed in the small footwear. As the balls of the feet take all the weight, there could be arthritis (inflammation of joints of the toes). The soles could go sore as they are stretched. There can be associated sprains and fractures of the ankle. As the posture changes while walking with heels there would be long-term effects on the back and spine, and could give rise to chronic pain. If you must wear heels, wear it on days when there is less walking intended.


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