SuperShe…A Women Exclusive Island Retreat To Bring Back Your Groove!

In times when women-centric dockets are being highlighted, they are being brought forward with more fervour than ever. Travel portals and communities copiously erupting, provide a gateway to the pink brigade to get their groove back! And why shouldn’t women have all the fun?  Now, to take the feminist streak a notch higher, i am about to embark you upon a feminist convention of sorts… island that goes by the name, SuperShe! The only condition to gain allowance here?  You have to be a WOMAN! Yes, a women exclusive island….and i am enthralled with the idea!

women only island supershe

Located in Finland, SuperShe is slated to be holistic getaway for women, brought in by entrepreneur Kristina Roth. This genius brainchild’s agenda is simple, to bring together women from around the world to experience this one of a kind place. With Wellness, fitness and nutrition on the line up, it is a sanctum for women looking to connect with their inner self. Women here can indulge in Yoga, meditation, farm to table dining alongside fitness and cooking classes. With all that paraphernalia, it is a haven that ensures an inter cultural merge as well.

women only island supershe

A total of 8.4 acres of land that the retreat covers, it can play host to 10 people at a time, with heavenly cabins equipped with spa, sauna and other facilities and will cost you anything between 3000$ to 6000$ for 5 days, and i say, it’s completely worth it!  The private island is just 1.5 hours from Helsinki airport, in the Baltic Sea off Finalnd’ coast.

women only island supershe

Though the island is scheduled to throw open its doors during the approaching month of June, it has already curated a staggering number of applications. Already  brimming  with a stupendous network of women, SuperShe is backed with a community that works towards growth and understanding of women related issues. If you’re not a member yet, you could still avail of a space here….provided you are lucky enough to grab one! This isn’t one to pass off.

With my heart firmly set on it, ladies, i insist, this must take the top slot in your must visit checklist! See you there!


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