Do Women Bosses Scare and Intimidate Men?

The patriarchal society that India largely is, men get intimidated by women in a higher hierarchy position and may or may not admit, but hate reporting to a female boss. Even men who support gender equality may see these advances as a threat to their masculinity, whether they consciously acknowledge it or not. Most men will be all vocal for women’s liberation, but somehow  would be uncomfortable reporting to a female boss.

Men may feel threatened by female bosses and act more assertively towards them than male supervisors. Such behaviour by male employees working with female managers could disrupt the workplace with struggles over power dynamics.

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The concept of masculinity in the work world and otherwise is becoming more elusive in our society, specially Urban India, as gender roles blur, with more women taking management positions and becoming the major breadwinners for their families. Women in India are breaking gender stereotypes and are holding pivotal positions in almost every walk of life. Indira Nooyi; Chairperson and CEO PepsiCo, Ekta Kapoor; Creative Director of Balaji Telefilms, Shikha Sharma; CEO Axis Bank, Chanda Kochhar; CEO ICICI Bank, and many more powerful ladies, we give a big salute to those women who achieved the position of a boss, not for ruling others, but for achieving the throne with their hard work and confidence.


Is India witnessing a change in attitude towards women leaders?


About a decade back, this discussion about women bosses in the Indian workforce may have been irrelevant. Today, India has woken up to a surreal surge of women executives taking reigns of companies, departments and organizations and are slowing clawing back on the apparent gender gap that has been the buzz for many years. The first generation of women at the workplace had it a bit tough. The 20-something’s of today will have it much easier because the women in their 30s are already reporting more openness to their leadership. The emergence and growth of the service industry has seen an increase in the number of female employees and women managers, especially in the private sector.


Can a female Boss successfully manage a chauvinist?


If you start by acting like a man yourself, aggressive, tough and demanding, it doesn’t work. Male ego is fragile, you see. If you act like a girly girl, showing dependence on them, they will not take you seriously. One commonly held idea about women bosses is that they are emotional and therefore less likely to be rational, whereas the male boss is more likely to take decisions rationally. What can actually be strength – being intuitively able to sense things and use one’s gut feel, is seen as a liability when it comes to the workplace. In our society, leadership has been coded as masculine. To be a leader you have to be decisive and take charge. That fits fine for men, but when women do it they get labeled as “Hitler”, “B***h” etc. “Be yourself. It’s why you’re boss in the first place”, says one such woman who’s been in the boss’s shoes for the past four years.


Who is a better boss? Man vs Woman

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With no offence meant to men, here’s why women make better bosses.

Good communicators – Women are better listeners than men and this is the most important skill which is required to manage a client and the employees.

More patience – Women have a skill of being more patient with the employees than the male boss. Winners have the tendency to wait for a long period for the desired result.

Multitasking – Most of the female bosses are enriched with the skill of multi tasking as they manage their household or their small kid and at the same time manage their employees. Hence they are more efficient.

Stronger ethics – Every organization needs to follow a set a codes and ethics for its proper functioning. A female boss tends to follow a stronger ethics and yet maintain a friendly environment..

Lend you tissues – Most of the times, a male boss fails to hear the personal problems of an employee. You can speak out your heart to your female boss as she has the patience to hear it. It can improve the relationship between an employee and employer.

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However, to give men their due men make good bosses too. Here’s why.

Complete attention – A man does not have to give his complete focus and attention to his family while he is working is his company. He has a wife at home to look after the household chores. In such a case, he can give undivided attention to work.

Good judgement – Women are usually more prone to mood swings and thus, it affects them their decisions. Men do not think emotionally and apply their professional knowledge before taking a decision.

Genetic advantage – Men have a genetic advantage unlike women who consider their competitors as “sisters”. Men make a good professional team with their co-workers (both the genders).

Practical thinking – Men apply a practical and professional knowledge before taking a decision. They consider a situation from all the aspects, including the profit they gain from a venture or event. A recent study shows that men are more money minded than women. 


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