Empowering Women of India to Fight Back!!

So often we read reports on sexual violence against women: incest, rape, trafficking, harassment and the list sadly goes on. But then what do we do? Feel bad for a while and then move on with our life-who has the time to think about other people’s lives when so much is going on in ours?? More often than not the thought of fighting back has occurred in everyone’s mind against the rampant abuse against women.

Women Harrassment

But at some point of life or the other every woman has been subject to some form of harassment be it molestation or eve teasing which is rampant in India-we have been taught that its best to ignore such men and move on-there is no need to create a scene. No need?? Somebody catcalls you, makes lewd gestures at you and there is no need to react?? What is the need for respect at all when one shouldn’t bother fighting back against it?

self defence girls

More often than not, women are not strong or confident enough. It is high time ladies to learn some self defence-kickboxing, karate or some form of martial art to protect yourself. It is time to hold your heads up high and fight for your respect. Wear what you want to, where you want to, how you want to.

women safety

It is not easy and at time you might not feel very brave but after reading and hearing about the rampant increase in abuse towards women, it is time to stand for yourself and not only for yourself but for the women around you. It is time girls stood by each other, stay alert for each other and stand up and make a noise.

women fight back

We girls HAVE to support each other. If anyone is being wronged and you are aware, please do try and raise a voice. Remember if there are bad people out there are some truly wonderful people out there too. Be strong. Be safe. Don’t hesitate to fight back.


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