Must Have Winter Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Much said, written and given attention to women’s attire, looks and wardrobe, I think, with the emerging of the metrosexual man, there is a need to now divert some attention towards what men want…. and need. Men desire to be as much in sync with the running trends, as far as wardrobe and accessories are concerned. So, here I am, giving a kind of small tribute to the unsung heroes of the fashion world- Must have Winter wardrobe essentials for Men.

Kurta Pajama

wardrobe essentials for men

When we talk of Winters, weddings are synonymous, right? So, this underestimated and under-worn piece of clothing reeks it’s importance during Winters, when you have spate of wedding ceremonies to attend. The Kurta Pajama is a sure shot winner as an attire for that day Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony. Get one …. even if you wear it during this one time of the year!


wardrobe essentials for men

Nothing like a good quality warm woollen sweater that does the trick with just no effort, really. A collared shirt underneath it or just a simple classic T-shirt, either way, the sweater is the all rounder. But here’s a tip- Do try brighter colours, guys! Be seriously done with Blacks, Navys and Greys…. Get the Reds, Yellows and Whites out… and yes, definitely more than one!

Puffer jacket

wardrobe essentials for men

When the city gets cold, it takes it very seriously…. and so should you! Nothing shields the Winter chill better than a puffer jacket, apart from it looking chic and super dude-ish! Aha, got your attention, didn’t I? Owning one of these is enough to get you through the North Indian winter chill.

Casual Shoes

wardrobe essentials for men

A real cool pair in White or Grey, is what you guys must include in the winter attire. Only Stilettos look cooler than a really hot pair of classic casual shoes- sneakers or slip ons…. for men, of course! Cool, casual, comfy and chic casual shoes for men… You can’t go wrong with them!


wardrobe essentials for men

Pair these with your denims or with a pair of formal trousers, blazers are cool and trending. A colour or two is all you need to complete your attire. Heading out for a date or a corporate do? A black blazer and one with checks are the saviours that will make your look  be smooth!


wardrobe essentials for men

Striped, Patterned or colour blocked, Mufflers are hot! The evergreen accessory that ups the wardrobe quotient to a new stylish height. Guys, here i say, Colour no bar! Bring out your metrosexuality and experiment. And yeah, you can own as many as you want, of this super clothing.

Men, once you do follow my advice and have women swooning and colleagues raving about you…. Thank me!


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