Winter Foods – must haves this season!

These Winter Foods not just help burn calories and curb cravings; they’re also perfect for the cold weather.

A hot bowl of Oatmeal – healthy and filling.

Dark Chocolate – in small amounts can satisfy your craving for sweets without consuming too many calories.

Honey the most natural sweetener (go slow as it contains more calories than sugar). Its antimicrobial properties make it just right for winters.

winter food

Honey, Honeycomb, Honey Bee.

Guava the perfect tropical slimming snack.

Coconut Milk – fatty acids present in it helps speed up metabolism and even promotes weight loss.

Red Wine – a glass during late winter evenings is a great way to relax. Antioxidants present in red wine slow premature aging and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

winter foods

Sunflower seeds for healthy skin and hair.

Maple Syrup – replace artificial sweeteners with pure maple syrup. A tablespoon of maple syrup contains 50 calories and contains more minerals.

PS: Are you dreading the summers just because the going winters will also reveal the layers of fat you have gained during this season?

Wait for my next update if this and fitting into a perfect pair of shorts, sleeveless dress and haulter is on your mind.

– Tripti Tandon
Founder & Chief Nutritionist – ‘Tripti’s Wellness 1’ & ‘I Eat Right’.

Expert in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Child Obesity, Weight Loss management for Men & Women, Karmic and Self Healing.

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