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Why there should be no Valentine’s day?

February 7, 2020

All the talk everywhere is about love. Isn't it? It is such an irreplaceable part of our lives. So it got me thinking something.

“Hi, can you help me out? Valentine’s Day is coming up and I just don’t know what special I can do.”

It is a popular ‘help’ that somebody seeks in the month of February, right before that event will happen.

no valentine

Incidentally, if you end up asking him about the last time he spent some time with his better half, the answer is often “hmm… well, has been a while now”. Didn’t the part of ‘being someone’s Valentine’ go ironic?

Gifts, cards, roses and fancy dinners – how creative, lovingly and romantic! That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, isn’t it? The one’s reading this might end up surprised but the real essence of Valentine’s Day has been misinterpreted since the time it has been celebrated by the modern generation. The word ‘Valentine’ doesn’t really have a meaning of its own. Rather, it is a benchmark that St. Valentine set for his name when he sacrificed himself in order to help love and its methods to survive. As an honor to his martyrdom, Valentine’s Day was declared.

valentine's day

Hence, being a Valentine suggests that when the time is tough for you and your love, when your vows and promises are tested by the people or the situations, you should stay strong and manage to stay there for your love. And to do this, there is no need for a single designated day. Well, one day is better than zero dates. I mean it but if you ask yourself- this is it, is that really how my life should be like with my loved one?

valentine's day

Rather, it is more ‘Valentine’ of you to celebrate love every day. You already know that ‘Love’ isn’t about designated days. It is more about finding reasons and showing ‘your loved one’ his / her value at every possible time in an elegant manner. Surely, you second with the fact that this ‘special’ person has been with you in your life throughout ever since you both met. Be it the good or the bad days, there has always been that ear which would readily hear you, some thoughts to motivate you and a soul always there for you to celebrate with. Then why not let this person feel his / her importance every day? The support that you have had from this person is alone a reason enough to prove him / her worthy of those little gestures which keep inducing a necessary regular spark for the fire to stay lit, indefinitely.

valentine's day

As provided by the heavens, love is a sacred feeling and due to it, togetherness isn’t just a notion, instead it is a fact. The best gift that you can give to your ‘special one’ is by celebrating this fact every day, or better - with each gesture and in each communication between the both. As a result, you two will be closer than ever. I think this would be really worth it, what you think?

If you don’t have anybody with you right now, it doesn’t make you any different. You know, carrying a rose around in the weeks of February is a cliché. An ideal way of being someone else’s best friend or more is by being your own best friend, first. So, why do you need the Valentine’s Day when you can make every day a Lovely Day – for yourself and the person you love, or the people you love!

When you can create every day a lovely day, that is when you know of that you make an impact. So you can finish your letter with …

-From your


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