Let´s have a Cup of Coffee!!!

Coffee?, You may ask… No worries- coffee is good. Here are great news for the readers who still think coffee is bad for health. There have been done various studies about coffee.

One is by the European Journal of Nutrition: they suggest two cups per day. Because it reduces the incidence of Type-2 diabetes mellitus by 11 % (12 % in case of decaffeinated coffee.

A number of research studies published this year also investigate the influence of coffee on cardiovascular health. Japanese researchers from the University of Ryukyus prove that coffee boosts functioning of small blood vessels thus keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.

enjoy coffee

My personal favourite is that coffee can temporarily sharpen thinking and keep your senses alert. It may also reduce the risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer disease.

And there are more good news: it´s now proved that coffee does not effect blood pressure and does also not increase the risk of hypertension, thus keeping you active and agile.

My summary is that coffee in measaure (like everything else as well) is a treasure-box.

So you can enjoy your coffee while sitting in a nice atmosphere, rejoice a calm & relaxed mood, have good conversations with interesting people – that is my way of understanding in having a cup of coffee. By the way- everything is about black coffee – means no sugar, no milk!

So my dearest coffee-friends. Let´s inherent goodness and let´s have a good coffee.


Sporty regards
Jasmin Waldmann
International fitness expert & consultant in India,
Mental Coach & Director of Pilardio®

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Jasmin Waldmann

Mental Coach & Personal Trainer, international fitness expert, Inventor of Pilardio®, fitness model and workes with TV channels.Also working with TV channels, producing & acting in DVD`s, taking education trainings,... all that keeps her very happy and alive.


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