Monica Bellucci- The Eternal Fragrance of Beauty

The word ‘beauty’ has more than an electrifying effect. More than what paparazzi fed fashion magazines and gossip columns in today’s leading journals can ever cater to or attempt to reach. It isn’t to say that beauty as prescribed by Oxford almanac like takes that call it another grand definition for glamour is totally wrong. But, yet, at the same time you just cannot succeed in capturing true essence of this word. Furthermore, you cannot reduce it to a particular phrase that defines it compellingly.

Monica Belluci – The nearly perfect definition of beauty

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Yet, when the mind trespasses barriers of imagination and leap-frogs established norms that govern us, and our lives there seems to be a breather of change. For understanding and beautification of the word beauty, there may not be a better example that befits this word as that of Monica Bellucci. Screen-goddess, fashion icon, flawless beauty and the very definition of the word “Diva”, Monica has come and done what others, from her industry and talent exposition fail to do, i.e.; outlasting competition and swaying magic wherever she goes and with whatever she does whilst being beyond the years of ripe youth.

Quite literally, it is hard to believe that this timeless beauty has turned 52. She’s pretty much done whatever the rest in the fashion and celebrity space do in order to make a living and yet, her distinct style of doing things and gently passing on by without spending useless energy to frequent courts of attention in the minds of followers have gone on to specify her grand success. From starring in mega commercially acclaimed movies at Hollywood, to being a perpetual eye-candy where those who are bigger in their star status than her beautiful self fail to make impact, Monica Bellucci has left an indelible mark on not just cinema but the clattering of the glamour and Hollywood lens, that destroys destinies and reinvigorates the life of many a star with its invading lens. Even today, in her fifties, as Monica Bellucci checks in into a top N.Y. city hotel carrying nothing more than a regular bag and donning those charming shades that have always adorned her pretty face, heads turn without much ado.

monica-bellucciWhen she appears on those red carpet international movie events, at Cannes, Toronto, Berlin and many other renowned film festivals, the level of mercury suddenly rises with the enchantress’ mere arrival. The overall sense of recording and decoding a film’s review and that of its cast and their own impressions on making a checkered movie suddenly shifts past these regular features and attempts to imprison the carefree and ever shining beauty- Monica Bellucci. For sure, there are these lovely leading ladies who have been around for quite some time and some who are relatively new to the film scene but truth be told, there are hardly any names that capture the allure of a forever celeb-hungry lens of the camera and the shutterbugs of the paparrazi’s as charmingly as Monica. The list includes Cameron Diaz, Charlise Theron, Anne Hatheaway, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts and many more. Such fine actresses and such amazing beauties with intelligent brains. But, the moment Monica Bellucci would arrive, be it at a grand movie reception or just another big rocking party thrown in the glitzy movie world for the heck of it, the focus of the attention would gravitate to this highest echelon that beauty has ever commanded.

And, definitely, in so doing she is not past her best. But then, what is her best? Would you be content in holding her as special for her flawless and glorified physical beauty? Or, would you just reduce your understanding and liking for those scintillating moves and mannerisms with which “Bella” as she is fondly called, catapulted her way from Umbria’s serenity to worldwide admiration? Certainly not right?


Then what is it about Monica that cringes us with happiness and joy, admiration and thrill? She has been around for over 3 decades in professional circles of modeling, amidst internationally acclaimed fashion brands that she has endorsed and helped find their footing and off course, those no-brainer movies, well most of them, where the real reason to see mindless action and thrills, save for that of Matrix Reloaded, was always one Miss Bellucci.

Decoding Monica Belluci’s charisma

Let’s be honest, how many of us ‘rewinded’ that clip in the Matrix Reloaded (2003 and second installment of popular Matrix series), where Bellucci overpowered the good looking Neo (Keanu Reeves) and offered him a lip kiss when he least expected one? Or, say, how many of us saw the poorly scripted and enacted sexed up scene in “Shoot em’Up” where the goddess like Monica and the ever charming Clive Owen did more than just fiddle with guns? The million plus views in each of these clips suggest clearly that Monica and not the sex selling of the movies were the reason. While you very well have the onus on you to call the judgment flawed but, then are you trying to infer that it was Keanu Reeves’ style (which he certainly has) or Own Wilson’s unshaven look that triggered Youtube mojo?

Foraying toward truth, whilst most of her contemporaries, and purely from the perspective of her god given looks, there are NONE, but there still are a few who are as old as her or just a few years younger.

Meg Ryan is 54 and is clearly said to be not aging beautifully. Once another screen diva and perhaps more cataclysmic in her appeal as Bellucci, Catherine Zeta Jones, 47, derives more happiness in raising her farm horses and ponies than walking the red carpet today.

monica belluci picsIt pains to say the least that the Mask of Zorro enchantress and one who entrapped none other than Sir Sean Connery remains disenchanted today away from the glitter of Hollywood and is seen often masquerading her once charming looks under a hubris of make- up. Clearly, the best actress of her generation and even boasting of great caliber and charm as that of Ms. Roberts, Robin Wright Penn, 50, already seems nearing 60 while she is 50. We aren’t mocking her but just tabling down Monica Bellucci’s contemporaries and measuring their wrinkled charming existence with that of the Italian diva.

Not just good looks

Just how Monica stays on top her game at 52 is for makeup artists to harp about and even those goofy DNA experts to opine endlessly on, if they like. But for sure she too adds tons of cosmetic emulsion during events and duo’s where even today, the shutterbugs can’t help but hog on to her. But, isn’t that necessary? Or, can it be that if done meaningfully, then make up only charms that which already is ever charming. At an age where most women already are grand mums and are seen loitering at zoos and those granny takes kids to “book reading events”, what does Monica do to kill time? She’s a mother of a girl of about 10 and she isn’t a cyclist or a triathlon runner. Nor have we ever seen her endorsing the “go vegan” diet, as popular these days. Perhaps, one senses that if you already have it, you don’t need to boast it. Monica may just silently gush agreeing to this.

As the famous adage goes, those who say don’t know and those who know- don’t say. Could the latter hold any significance for the Italian beauty as she clearly seems calm minus holding any signs of asking for attention whilst displaying her breathtaking beauty?


You need to be fit and active if you are to get offers for mega movies. If you just scroll past Bellucci’s long list of cinema, that includes both commercial English movies and French, Italian and Spanish films, you will find there aren’t even 5 films where the diva would have had to bust up her regular schedule and mint her way to getting the hour-glass figure top directors expect the screen hotties to adorn! In none of her films including The Matrix Revolutions and Reloaded, Tears of the Sun, The Passion of the Christ, Under Suspicion and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Shoot Em’ Up that collected some if not heavy box office revenues, was Bellucci ever featured as a cheap seduction tool. Thanks heavens, they realized she is more than that. One of the finest screen icons of her time, it would have been needlessly cheeky to have seen this eternal screen delight being shown in a carnivorous avatar through which many actresses have sportingly allowed themselves to be seen and undervalued. For sure, we need hot women, the world wouldn’t do without them. But, is objectification of beauty really needed to hard-press a movie’s fortunes when surely, its subtlety of expression  that on most occasions saves the day ? In most of her movies, Monica was just as sexy as glamorous as one is accustomed to seeing her but, yet here she was as just herself-  pretty, candid, casual and yet, fascinatingly appealing.

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In fact, if you look at The Apartment, her first film with her ex- Vincent Cassel, shot in 1996 and Malena, the most controversial film ever made at its time, both first released in Europe before arriving to the rest of the world’s attention,  did we see her bursting out with sexual electricity in order to prove a point.Most of her famous Hollywood collaborations haven’t portrayed Monica as an instrument to liberate the freaks to find themselves through a recourse of sexual longing. She has been beautiful and appealing and sunken with mind numbing beauty without ever being made to lay bare under the glare of the zooming camera, which on most occasions even today, under the garb of “expression”- shabbily cannot think more about a gifted woman such as her other than that of her physicality.

Can her critics appall her?

Perhaps, even if the harshest critics and unbecoming advisers of beauty and cosmetic restoration who reserve their tongues for humiliating celebrities whose lives they berate to make their own- wouldn’t down-talk this Diva. And, one is sure they would think before lamenting her for whatever reasons they find necessary, whether to sell magazines or shower flaws where they are supposed to go. So what is the allure and fascination about Bellucci despite her not being anywhere near her youth and now in her fifties?

At her age, 52 where the whole cheap talk about sagging boobs and shrunken figures parades magazines that appeal to body obsessed women all the time. Those who couldn’t give a damp squib and refuse  to be contained within the meandering boundaries of obscure discussion tread somewhere else in more meaningful tasks of life. The rest, howsoever pretty, beautiful, attractive or unappealing and remember we have our own choices and takes-  either take to the treadmill, or cycle or just prefer to hike in what they feel is “natural way to elongate beauty”.

starwinationThey know very well that all the hype surrounding cosmetic treatments and et cetera is nothing more than another irrational blooper being served by marketing experts to fancy women’s psyche but even after knowing the truth, they refuse to budge.What is so big about the fact that she has wrinkled skin? And, that she looks plumpish if you like, a bit more than what her admirers would want- fall like nine pins while attempting to bring her down.  Certainly, for her admirers for whom this Diva like figure is nothing more than just a hot figure that purples their imagination like wild fire, there is more to the eye that meets the eye.

Could it just be, that this sexy actress doesn’t try too hard to look good. I don’t remember stalking her personal life ever or knowing anyone who says she underwent the knife in a cosmetic clinic. The evident wrinkles on that lovely face are the proof. But, surely, it just seems more plausible that here is an intelligent woman who knows what works best for her. While she, seemingly remains daft in her examination of her own beauty and balanced and unmoved at receiving both- laurels for her charm and brickbats for her lack of acting talent, Monica’s lack of stress that often takes a toll on us, physiologically and obviously, physically- may just be the reason for ‘preservance’ of her timeless appeal.

What lies ahead

monica picsA painful separation with her long time partner, Frenchman Vincent Cassel, and raising a daughter on her own, Monica, who is rumored to be living in with a business tycoon from Azerbaijan of all places, knows what she wants and how to get it. Still reading and rejecting scripts at her will and appearing for top of the line brands, from fashion and luxury spectrum, she is busy doing what she does best: moving fans and admirers to the beat of her starry appearances on the European film festivals where she remains focused to this point.

While there have been talks to buy her into the hitherto less experienced idea about starring in Indie style flicks and even biopic, there are only a few who still have the luxury of playing to their hearts’ desire. And you cannot snatch that away from Monica for she was into the hard lining world of glamour ever since she entered her late teens.

This September born beauty and now, the oldest Bond “chick” in the upcoming flick, “Spectre” has literally commanded admiration and love for every day of the month, every second in a minute and in every iota of imagination that clings fans and admirers to their ultimate fantasy. No, fantasy isn’t a dirty or cheesy word. It is a polished starvation that we seek to go through in order to appetizingly sum up the finesse associated with beauty without bandaging the word needlessly.

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It remains to be seen what will become of Daniel Craig and his likes when they finally meet their match, in style and exuberance in the form of the ever appealing beauty called Monica Bellucci. It isn’t an irony after all that both these words, beauty and Bellucci rhyme and sound so familiar. Interdependence for mutual survival isn’t a bad idea after all. Say what Monica?


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