Yes,I Am A Woman- Judge Me Not!

Women in India are still struggling with carving an identity for themselves. Despite multitude drives towards women’s empowerment and equality, the Indian mindset is still desperately wanting of progression.The challenge is magnified when you’re an Indian woman. All women have experienced the judging eyes of society and still are as we speak.

The 10 Times Women Are Judged In India:


When you are buying drinks at a roadside liquor shop

woman buying from liquor shop

The first time i stepped out of my car to buy liquor at a roadside kiosk, I sure was wondering why everyone was staring at me. Took some time to register when I realized that people were staring just to catch the sight of a girl buying alcohol’. Even the shopkeeper’s attention was all mine while I was inside the shop. Wondering how can a girl come and order liquor at a shop all alone; smirking at his fellows in the shop.


When you smoke:

indian woman smoking

Smoking cigarette is injurious to health’. That goes only for the rest of the world. Because when a woman smokes it’s not her health but her image that is at stake. While men who smoke are advised to quit smoking as it impacts health, women are advised to quit smoking just because ‘how can you smoke being a girl?’


When you have many male friends:

indian woman having friendsA woman who has many male friends is the worst victim of judgments pouring in from all directions!  Maybe she is more interested in sports and science than makeup and gossip. Maybe she has had more males in the family she grew up. Maybe her female friends turned on her. Doesn’t it seem that it’s not that big an issue anymore?


When you wear bold lipsticks:

woman wearing bold lipstick

When you wear loud makeup you are an attention seeker!! Doesn’t end there, you are dumb too because you have put in all your time in makeup.(Can’t stop laughing myself). But makeup is not easy and it’s not for the lay! It needs smart work and not hard work to be good with makeup! Did you hear: ‘smart’ work?


When you are dressed well!

well dressed indian womanSounds strange? Actually, when you aren’t dressed properly, it isn’t as big a problem as being dressed properly is. Yes, you seek attention, but more than that judgments. People feel that let me be more specific, men think that girls who look good or invest time in dressing up must be dumb. So looks are inversely proportional to the intellect as per the common notion.


When your partner isn’t as good looking as you are:

indian woman judged

This kind of woman is declared as dumb at the very first instance by all. Didn’t she get someone better? She must be with him for his money! She is sure a bimbo. Is her eyesight weak? She has got only looks and no brains. Hardly do we put a thought to the fact that a person’s character and intelligence isn’t tethered to his appearance, clothes or money. Without even knowing the inside story women fall prey to such opinions.


When you speak loudly:

women talking loudlyNever could understand why but being loud is very negatively associated with women. Speaking loudly is seemingly inferred as being impolite or rude-something opposite to a woman’s presumed nature. Women are supposed to speak softly, no matter what.


When you abuse:

indian woman judgedAbusing is so not a girl’s thing! Yell out on someone who ran away with your purse, heads will still turn to you. YES. A girl abusing is still a more grave issue then her stuff being stolen.


When you work in late night shifts:

woman working night shifts in india

No matter how respectable and high profile your job is, no matter how decently dressed you are, if you are stepping out of your house post 9 p.m., you simply can’t  escape gazing eyes. Women working in night shifts have always been looked down upon. Their work and profile holds no value.


When they go out alone leaving husband and kids at home:

husband and kid at homeWhether it’s a party or a vacation, life of a married woman is tethered to her family by the society. Even if she gives 90 percent of her time to her family, the one percent that she saves for herself (though she is entitled to more) is what people notice and exaggerate.


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