When everything is too much!!!

There are phases in life when we are all excited & start “running”. We feel full of ideas and energy to run behind the dream which came in our mind. We run and run. We make experiences, we sleep less and work more. We eat more and enjoy less. We think more and feel less. We dream big – and after years, more or even less successful – we realize… We are tired. Tired to run and catch plains, tired of meetings on weekends or late night over drinks, we are tired of only dreaming of the hit but we need to experience it -now.

how-much-is-enoughAfter years of doing things – trying the best, running and running – we get tired, if not to say people burn out. Literally out of energy, motivation and hope.

The question arises after years: why am I doing all that? – often, to be honest, the true answer is from 99 % of the people “for money and security”.

And then realization comes in the picture: we haven’t seen the own kids growing up, start walking and talking, taking time out every day to talk and play with them.

And we grown older too. Recovery takes longer time – in all ways. After drinking one glass too much, after fitness training, after “holidays”, after running for 3 minutes the breath is very heavy and it takes 15 minutes to breath normally again…

How much testingHow funny, how poor. Actually.

Why do people learn usually only the hard way? Fitness only after pain, right food only after or while diseases, attention to the kid only after the first one, respect to certain people only after an “announcement” …

Human kind is funny, isn’t it?

Lets do it and become better. There is no need to learn the hard way but living the smart way. Take Up A Life Coach support and see what you can’t see. Experience how She/ he will guide you to your success and inner happiness.

LOVE, Jasmin


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