Crazy Things… The MOST Bizarre Facts That Actually Remain A Reality!

The world is a crazy crazy place! There is just so much that still yearns to be discovered. Been a traveller of sorts, I have gathered bits from every destination and put them in my pandora’s box of the good, the offbeat, the surreal, the adventure and….. the crazy! But these countries take bizarre to another level…. some of the MOST bizarre facts that are a reality!!

In India Some Women Marry A Tree!

In India, you can get away with anything in the name of religious beliefs and superstitions. So, if your birth chart says you’ve got the influence of Mars (Manglik) on you….. you’re in jeopardy! It means your married life will be hassled….. and can even result in your spouse’s ill health!!! Now, I don’t know how far in truth this is…. but why take a chance, right? We got a sure shot solution…. Get married to a tree so that the ’curse of Mars’ passes on to the tree. After the ceremony, the tree is cut and burned and the woman is then allowed to marry a man.

A Metro Passes Through A Block Of Apartments In China!!

Imagine having a train zooming through your apartment!!! Now where could you have found something so resourceful….. and bizarre? … China, of course! The train needs space for it’s route? Make way through everything you find on the way!

Architects and planners in a Chinese city have designed a novel way to make space for an essential train route – by building it through the centre of a block of flats. The unusual train track passes directly through the 19-storey residential building in the “emerging mega-city” of Chongqing, located in the south-west corner of the East Asian nation.

It seems this solution has been used in Japan as well. The building there is not residential, but a commercial office building and it’s a highway, not a metro, that passes through it. WhoooooA!

In Bhutan, Most Of The Buildings Are Adorned With Phalluses (Male genitals)!!

This just gets freakishly weird! Many of the houses and buildings in Bhutan are adorned with phalluses (male genitals)! Before you creep out on this, the citizens have a good reason for it….

Bhutan comprises predominantly, of Buddhist population, for who the male organ is a symbol of fertility and wards off evil spirits, the Washington Post reported.Phallic worship originated from a 15th century Buddhist teacher, who claimed he fought demons with his “member. Today, the penis portraits have become more of a cultural symbol than a spiritual one, and their prevalence attracts throngs of tourists.

Ethiopia Follows A Calendar That Is Seven Years Behind The Rest Of The World!

Travelling to Ethiopia is like taking a trip back in time. Ethiopia has a calendar which is seven-eight years behind the rest of the world…. Seriously! How does that work? Easy…. As one of the few countries in the world with its own calendar system, Ethiopia celebrates important holidays on days that are different from the rest of the world. For instance, Ethiopia rings in the New Year on September 11, and not on January 1. The calendar offers foreign travellers the perfect excuse to hold two different celebrations for New Year’s and Christmas….

But imagine…… you would be 7 years younger too!!

Newborn babies in South Korea are considered to be one year old

Newborn babies in South Korea and in some other countries are considered one year old. Additionally, it is believed that a person becomes one year older not on their birthday (though that is celebrated too) but on the first day of the Lunar New Year. So, if a kid was born on the 29th day of the 12th month according to the Lunar calendar, it means he will turn 2 years old on the first day of the Lunar New Year when, in fact, he is just several days old…. Get it?….

But then I’d be older by a year???? Doesn’t work for me!!!

In France, you can marry a dead person

The world is struggling to maintain relationships with living people, and here is a country where people want to commit to a deceased lover! No wonder France is the epitome of romance!

Necrogamy, that is to say, marriage to someone who is deceased, is permitted in France, regulated by Article 171 of the Civil Code. It was especially common during and after World War I, when a posthumous marriage was necessary for women who wanted to assure the legitimacy of children whose fathers had died on the front before being able to walk down the aisle.

But this happens after fulfilling certain conditions… First you publish marriage banns – legal notices proclaiming a intention to marry, the purchase of rings or a wedding dress, the sending of wedding invitations, etc., and must be corroborated by their parents. And regardless of the date that the marriage is performed, it is backdated to the day before the death of the defunct partner!

Residents of Great Britain need to buy a separate TV license for each TV set at home

Ok, so when I was a kid watching television was a luxury! Now, it is taken completely for granted….. but this piece of news makes me respect my ‘box’ so much more! Did you know that in UK, citizens need a license to own TVs and other devices where they can watch live broadcasts like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even gaming consoles! Every set you own needs a license! What?

This license costs £145.50 per year and residents either have to buy it or to reject it with a written application explaining their reason for not watching TV. Otherwise, they could be slapped with a huge fine. It is impossible to reject the service and watch TV programs illegally — there is a special service called the Enforcement Division that will come to your home without warning and check.

I love my country a tad bit more…. at least I can own my sets in peace!

If all that didn’t leave you gaping and gawking, nothing will! But all this ludicrousness is what makes the world, a wee bit more interesting! Explore away!


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