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The one thing most of feel is that we all have the most mundane job in the world, we always imagine how cool it would be to be an astronaut, professional sports player, actor, billionaire playboy philanthropist, to name a few of the jobs we all wish we had; but here is the fact, there are a lot of unheard jobs that are equally unusual or exciting. We decided to find the most unusual jobs out there, so that you can have an idea of some of the other careers you could have had or can have if you are young and brave enough.

Human Scarecrow

most unusual jobs

This seems like a really peaceful job provided there are no birds around. The whole idea of using a human for the job is that keeping birds off the area is of high importance, hence; the human scarecrow is mainly hired by hotels and private property owners.

Professional Grievers

most unusual jobs

In our society a sign that a person was highly cared for or adored is the amount of tears and people who cry at their funerals; so in case you feel you need a performance that merits an Oscar you can hire some of these professional grievers. I unfortunately cant cry at will, and carrying an onion around isn’t a valid option; but if you can, then this may be a good chance for you to showcase your teary eyed skills.

Ear cleaner

most unusual jobs

This profession seems to be slowly dying out, but the job of a roadside ear cleaner is something that used to be very popular back in olden times, since there were limited options to get your ear canal cleaned. Also given that a good ear cleaner could service anywhere between 50-150 clients a day the money would be quite good also.

Ball inspector 

most unusual jobs

Not what you just thought of! (Dirty Mind!) These guys are professionals are testing cricket balls and inspecting whether they are fit for matches. Depending on the type of match, the ball tests also change; so if you know how to check balls, then this would be a perfect fit for your hands. (Okay, this one just sounds wrong)

Moustached Doorman 

most unusual jobs

If you have been to any hotel, you would have seen a moustached doorman, they seem to be in high demand in the hospitality business and specialise in opening those doors for people; I unfortunately could never grow a moustache like that so I’ve had to be content with opening the door for myself.

Maybe you feel that you would rather move out of the country and try your hand at something abroad, do not worry, I got you covered there also. Here are some more unusual jobs you can do abroad.

Professional Snuggler

most unusual jobs

Do you have a gift for hugging making a person feel special just by cuddling them? This is your calling then, get paid anywhere between 60-80 dollars an hour for bringing happiness into someone’s life.

Golf Ball Diver

most unusual jobs

Fancy a bit of diving? This is the perfect way to make a living while being on the golf course for endless hours. The only thing you may miss, is food. If this is your cup of tea, then consider this profession.

Pet Food Taster

most unusual jobs

Gone are the days where pet food tasted like chalk and card board, your best friend is entitled to a gourmet masterpiece as well. So if you enjoy eating rare foods, this may be the perfect solution for you.

Line Holder

most unusual jobs

if you’ve hated standing in lines, then these people are your perfect solutions, they stand in lines for you and get those tickets you need. So if you enjoy standing about playing on your phone while waiting your turn then this could be your calling; Id do it, but I’m too lazy to stand.

Bed Tester

most unusual jobs

Ladies and Gents, we have a winner for my next job! These people test the mattresses, by lying in various positions and by sleeping on these mattresses. You also have to test the edges of the bed to make sure they aren’t too soft.

So now that I have found the perfect job for myself, I think it is time to leave you and continue this journey forward. Hope you find your calling as well.



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