Wedding Gifting Changing Trend- Invite Lo, Vote Do!

Okay, so rarely do I express astonishment mixed with a dash of humour when I read something that is…. well…. OTT. Now, Gift cards and wedding registries are passe, it’s time to gift ‘VOTES’! No, no mistakes here. Wedding invites are now turning into vote baskets!  The political hues are getting darker. Having done plenteous articles on Weddings and wedding gifting, I never could have imagined that this would be trending.

Wedding GiftsThis is how it works… An impending wedding in the family? You pick your favourite politician… The catch is, instead of accepting wedding gifts, all you do is print a plea for the guests to vote for your candidate for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha Elections…. Your favourites get voted for! Though in it’s budding stage, the extent to which the voters and supporters are emanating their enthusiasm and loyalty, is exaggerated and over done.  You want to come for the wedding? Vote please!

This doesn’t end here…. Images of gods and Goddesses are obsolete too. The trend is now diverting towards imprinting image of your chosen political leader….  with a plea that goes ” Please make —— win in the 2019 Lok sabha elections”! Seriously not something your children would forgive you for!!! But well, you certainly do want the guy to win, and kuch bhi karega to see him take the oath.

Wedding Gifts

I do understand the agenda behind this fad, but the effectiveness is still dubious. Would you ‘gift’ a vote? Voting is serious business; So are weddings. Mixing the two may be a tad bit off the grid, don’t you think? But here is the catch 22… what happens in the case of both the ‘parties’ (and here I mean the bride and the groom) supporting opposing choices? Best left open ended…

So who needs tedious lengthy campaigns, when you’ve got such loyalists backing you, right? Deemed as the quickest and the most effective way to portray your political choices…. IS IT REALLY? Support it or oppose it…. but you cannot ignore it!


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