Sakshi Palod

Bridesmaid Duties: Give Your Bestie A Wedding Gift That She’ll Never Forget.

April 30, 2018

Being a bridesmaid is both divine and daunting. To add to the stress of your best friend getting married, the sangeet practice, finding the perfect bridesmaid dress, having to share your friend with a boy, lies the pressure of finding her the perfect wedding gift. So, what about crockery set? Nahhh! She has to cook fancy food before putting it on fancy plates. Couple watches? Blehh…. Shagun ka lifafa? That is so 1990’s! Perfume...wrist watch….handbag? BORING! Fret not, we've done all the digging for you and present the most winsome and quirky wedding gift options worth splurging on.

An instant camera

Wedding gift options How better to capture the fun and frolicks of their honeymoon, whilst also thinking of their amazing friend YOU? You can also give a scrapbook along with the camera so they can maintain every important get-together with a print for the ages.

A personalised wedding wine box

wedding gift options If your the bride and groom are into their wine, this personalised box o' wines is the ultimate gift. Sure, it's a bit pricey, but your's  will  be the gift they're still chatting about on their first anniversary.

Membership cards for fun stuff

weddding gift options From Amazon Prime to Netflix, from arty museums to magazine subscriptions, there's an annual membership for everyone - it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Prepare a basket full of personalised things

wedding gift options A hamper consisting of coffee cups, cushion covers, beer mugs, wall clock, key chain and stuff that the couple can use once the married life begins, this gift is both thoughtful and easy to get!

Gift them a small, getaway kind of vacation with a travel voucher

wedding gift options Once the shaadi madness is over, they're done with the big honeymoon and things start to get monotonous, they can head off for another fully sponsored quick getaway. A good option, isn't it?

A keepsake box

wedding gift options Give the bride and groom a lovely place to store the bits and bobs from their big day with a personalised keepsake box.

Dinner Date

wedding gift options Gift them an all-expenses paid dinner reservation at a place they've been raving about.To find time for a date after marriage is what all couples want, don't they? So how about you give them a reason to celebrate their togetherness with an all-expenses-paid, fancy dinner.

Couple Spa Date

wedding gift options A spa voucher would be great for the couple to get rid of the tiredness that hits after the wedding The couple needs to relax after all the wedding excitement gets over and they will thank you for this thoughtful gift.

Handmade Collage

wedding gift options Bachpan ka pyaar type love story? Gift the sweethearts a lifetime of memories with a handmade photo collage. Fish out kiddie pictures, first date, awkward hugs, blushing smiles and do up a little scrapbook or collage.

Makeup kit

No woman ever said no to makeup.Your gift could be her saviour for post-marriage get-togethers and parties. Take inspiration from Sephora which stacks some amazing beauty kits that are shade specific.

Swarovski crystal necklace

wedding gift options Gift your girl the right jewellery and she can conquer the world. From all the heavy jewellery she would be getting, your delicate necklace could be a breather and the most elegant one to be wearing daily. Now that you have gone through the list, We now pronounce you, the best wedding gift giver.    


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