For the love of Crop Tops

Fashion has never had such a love hate relationship with anything quite like  ‘Crop Tops’ in recent times. It never goes out of style. Be it the popularity with the celebrities, or its constant appearance in the limelight, this is one trend that won’t be dead anytime soon.

From Taylor Swift to Kendall Jenner, every celebrity we look up to for their brilliant sense of fashion, can’t get over it. And this is one trend that has been a celebrity favourite for a while. Even though many fashion critics have not been fond of this trend (some of them going as far as calling it ugly, inappropriate, or just plain ridiculous), one can’t ignore its popularity, which can be considered to be at an all time high these days, with the crop top acquiring a separate division in the biggest of clothing stores.

So how did the crop top become the rage that it is? Let’s have a little history lesson about its evolution, and trace the biggest moments in fashion for the crop top.

History of the Crop Top:crop top

Most fashion experts believe that the crop top is the modern version of the cropped tops belly dancers have been wearing in the middle east for ages now, while many others believe it’s probably the result of a designer’s creativity gone horribly wrong! Regardless of the origins, what’s interesting to note is how the crop top became arguably one of fashion’s favourite wild child! Audrey Hepburn, the Goddess of class and style sported the crop top back in the day. Not in the classic mentioned, but yes, she did! Hard to believe, right? Well, it does help explain better how the crop top has gathered such love and following, that just seems to be ever increasing.

Madonna’s Lucky Star


Madonna featured in her video, Lucky star, wearing a crop top. Just, a little more emo-punk version of the same. The Outfit wouldn’t really gain crop tops the popular appeal that they were far from back then, but it certainly did push it back into the limelight.

The 90s.. Hit me baby one more time!

crop top

Another iconic moment for the crop top would be Britney Spears wearing a cropped shirt, dressed as a school girl performing in her music video, hit me baby one more time. The look sent many parents into frenzy. The song nonetheless, along with the video and Britney’s outfit became iconic for more reasons than one, and the crop top was out there again!

Clueless? (not so much!)

alicia silverstone

This movie is a cult classic! From outstanding outfits to adorable shoes, and an even more adorable Alicia Silverstone as Cher, this movie had it all! Who can ever forget the brilliant dialogues, and the ‘as if’s? And if that isn’t enough to make this movie just as important for fashion as it is for girls all over the world, its got our very own.. yes you guessed it.. Crop tops! Here, we see it become a slightly more sophisticated version of its other contemporary counterparts(umm.. Britney Spears!). Needless to say, our Cher pulls it all off amazingly well. So well in fact, that Iggy Azalea did her own version of Clueless in her video for ‘Fancy’!

The age of the crop top!

taylor swift

Fast forward to the 2000s. The crop top became more and more popular with celebrities, and not just for flashy music videos or roles, but even on the red carpets. Diane Kruger was the front runner of this show. Keira Knightley was another celebrity taking this trend to the red carpet.

And this age is now considered by most of the fashion gurus, the golden age for the crop top!

diane kruger

Taylor Swift, considered one of the most stylish and sophisticated celebrities, has a very special relationship with this attire. Her PDA for crop tops makes her love for them more than obvious. She wears them when she goes out. She wears them when she is performing. She wears them when she is walking down the red carpet. Basically, all the time.
Kendall Jenner very recently made a huge fashion statement for both Cannes red carpet dress code, and the crop top. She wore Azzedine Alaïa ensemble, black crop top with a maxi skirt, and needless to say, looked flawless.

She has been spotted in crop tops at multiple occasions. And she knows how to work it well. Little sister Kylie Jenner and older sister Kim Kardashian aren’t far behind either.

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is another star who is very much in love with crop tops. Rihanna, fashion’s favourite, to no one’s surprise actually, also very frequently sports this trend. After all, she loves all things wild herself! From Beyoncé to Katy Perry, Selena Gomez to Rita Ora.. be it the pop stars or the super models or actresses at red carpet events, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t swear by this trend anymore. Of course we have our crop top queens. But there aren’t many celebrities who aren’t embracing crop tops.

crop tops


They come in many shapes and many sizes. from the over sized crop tops to the body con ones, from the little crop shirts to extremely feminine tops, crop tops are just, not something you can ignore. It may be too scandalous for some, and for some its extremely classy! Regardless, one thing is for sure, love them or hate them, crop tops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!




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