5 Ways to Make Your Diwali Eco-Friendly This Year

Diwali-The festival of Lights is without a doubt, the most celebrated holiday in the country today. Indians are known to commemorate the day by gambling, lighting up their houses, bursting crackers, and praying to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi for their well-being & prosperity.

Keeping the joyousness and the festive spirit intact, it is high time that we also collectively acknowledge the fact that Diwali is not the greenest festival in the world. The bursting of crackers on Diwali night is believed to emit a copious chunk of hazardous emissions that causes breathing troubles in animals and also increases Co2 composition in the air.

In this exclusive feature at What’s Up Life, we list down for you 5 ways to make your Diwali an eco-friendly festival, that is without lowering down on the festivities.

Save Electricity

eco friendly diwali

Agree to it or not but the festival of Diwali does involve a lot of electricity and power wastage. Yes, the method of celebrating the festival in its correct spirit is to light up your houses but it says nowhere that you have to hang dazzling high voltage consuming lights on your house. Use diyas instead and you will see how natural light is more beautiful than the Chinese one’s we often purchase for the festival. If you have kids, you can also ask them to make their own diyas and decorate them too. That way, they will happily participate in the decoration of the house and nature-friendly technique of lighting will be passed down from one generation to another, preserving the environment in the process.


Avoid Wastage

eco friendly diwali

A vital part of celebrating the festival of Diwali is enjoying scrumptious & elaborate dinners in your houses. Not to forget, sweets are purchased in bulk this season and many of them often end up in the trash after people fail to consume them in time.

This Diwali you can bring a stop to this evil practice and avoid wastage of food, clothes, gifts or any finite resource. Think of the unprivileged and share your excess with them. That ways, the fervour of the festival reaches everyone and the environment is happy too.


Say ‘No’ to Plastic


Between the extra shopping bags, gifts packing wrappers, and purchase of sweets boxes there is a large amount of plastic that is introduced into our lives on Diwali. Saying ‘No’ to plastic in this season can go a long way in preserving the environment.

Always remember to have your jute bags in hand and water bottles in place whenever moving out. A small step like this will go a long way in healing the damage done to the environment.


Become Tech Savvy This Year and Use Digital Crackers Instead


Much like your meetings, festival wishes and shopping your crackers can be digital too. Just download from a plethora of apps available on your smartphones and enjoy your crackers digitally, without damaging or polluting the environment.

Want to take things up a notch? Opt for a Google Cardbox VR headset from any online shopping platform, attach it to your smartphones and the experience will give you a Diwali happiness like never before.


Recycled Decorations


Instead of buying more plastic decorations for Diwali this year why don’t you go through your old belongings and create decorations out of waste? For example- recycled newspapers can make for amazing gift wraps, old clothes can be used to create shopping bags, cardboard’s can be used to gift and procure homemade sweets and similarly, old accessories can be used to create interesting wall hangings. Get creative, recycle more and that way not only will you be able to save some money but also be able to control unwanted plastic decorations in your house.



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