5 Quick Yoga Ways To De-Stress While You Are In Traffic

The rush hour traffic and the pollution can get the best out of us. And if you are struck in a traffic jam, whining about the situation and when even the songs on radio begin to irritate you, you need to calm yourself down because there is nothing you can do about it. Reaching your workplace, half drained and irritated is no fun; hence make the most of the traffic by de-stressing yourself through some of these yoga tips:

ways to de-stress during traffic jam

Seated Head Massage:

Keep the spine erect and your head straight. Breathing in, raise the right arm. Then, place your palm on the top of your head and gently massage the top of the head, in a circular motion in a clockwise direction. Keep breathing smoothly and deeply throughout the exercise and feel the tension in the head region easing. You are surely going to feel more relaxed.

Blink, Squeeze, Eyes Wide Open:

Keep the spine erect and your head straight. Then, close your eyes and blink your eyes rapidly for about 10-15 times and then blink your eyes slowly about 10-15 times. Shut your eyes as tightly as possible and open your eyes as widely as possible. You have to repeat this a few more times and throughout this exercise keep breathing smoothly and deeply. You will eventually feel the tension around your eyes being released.

Jaw Release:

Keep your spine erect and your head straight. Place the tip of your three fingers on the cheekbones and look for muscles that make knots. Keeping your mouth relaxed, press firmly and massage the knots in a circular motion. Then, pressing down firmly, run your fingers down along the jawline towards your chin. Repeat the actions a few more times and keep breathing smoothly and deeply throughout the exercise. You can feel the tightness in your face easing out.

Neck Rolls:

Keep your spine, neck and head erect. Breathing in, raise your chin up and then take the head back. Slowly feel the stretch on your throat and the compression in your neck muscles. Hold the posture for a few seconds and then breathing out, bring your chin towards the chest. Rotate your head slowly a few times in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. You can feel the relaxation in your neck.

Ear to Shoulder Stretch:

destress in traffic

Keep your spine, neck and head erect. Breathing in , you need to raise your shoulder to your ears and hold the posture. Breathing out, drop your shoulders and repeat the action a few times, to feel the muscles being squeezed in your upper back. You will eventually feel the energy moving up while the spine is being stretched.

If you feel relieved, you can thank us later.


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