Wardrobe Essentials You’ll Forever Need!

I have enough clothes, said no girl ever! And the chances of it being validated seem bleak! No, Im NOT trying to portray women as narcissist beings, but only advocating a woman’s right to being emaculately dressed. And why not, I say?  In defense , I’ll only say that amidst all the hullabaloo about ‘women equality’, ‘feminism’,  and the humdrum of such heavy terms, the simple girl in me only wants to be released of the dilemma of ‘’what to wear’’!!  No amount of rummaging through my wardrobe could relieve me of it.  So, here, by virtue of the job that I do, I finally got my check list to conform to. A girl’s guide to must-own Wardrobe essentials this year!

Doesn’t that sound like the heavens coming down? You can thank me later! I’ve rounded up 15 essentials that could help you get by through your wardrobe dilemmas! Here goes:

A Blazer

wardrobe essentials

if you don’t want to turn out like a delinquent for a last minute office meeting, this essential is a must have in your wardrobe, and in your car! It goes well for a formal evening do too, teamed with a pair of jeans, trousers or a skirt. A classic blazer is an object counterpart of an all rounder cricketer who performs to the hilt bowling and batting.


A Shirt

wardrobe essentials

Printed, plain or embroidered, a shirt is like the 12th man, its utility and importance realised when nothing else works! It does perfect justice to a pair of jeans or a skirt. My vote goes hand down to the striped embroidered ones that are hot right now!



wardrobe essentials

These are slowly becoming a true rendition of “underdog to shining star”. Been ignored for too long, the sneakers have attacked with a vengeance, shimmery, printed and even painted, they are unstoppable! Pair them with dresses and skirts and give them their due respect!


Black heels

wardrobe essentialsThe universally accepted “safest” colour in the pallette, black never fails! It goes with just about any colour combination and I must say, is the angel to the rescue in a “wardrobe gone all wrong” situation!. This one, you cannot do without.


A black dress

wardrobe essentialsLittle or not, a black dress suits all body types and in some situations even goes a notch higher in glamming up! Yes, the simplest black dress is nothing short of oomph when you need it! Get one- short, midi or long, a basic black dress will never let you miss the mark.


A pair of jeans

wardrobe essentials


Lo behold! The jeans, her highness, a saviour I swear by for my any day any time rescue. A pair of denims looks right with just about anything. officially the most indispensable piece of clothing, could we ever stop thanking it? Washed, distressed or classic! Skinny, Boot cut or Flared, choose yours from its multitude variants.


Straight fit Trousers

wardrobe essentialsThese are by far the classiest discovery yet. The right amount of chic and class, works well formally teamed with a fitted blouse or casually with a t-shirt, such a cheat treat!


A Versatile Bag

wardrobe essentialsOk, so bags are big now. I don’t mean in size, but in presence. Brand no bar, just get one that goes as a sling with denims and a clutch by night! Well, almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!



wardrobe essentialsMy favourite wardrobe essential! The coloured and vintage shaped ones are hot! Mostly go with all face shapes. Add a dash of colour with one or two of these and they brighten up the outfit! Its what I call my “man of the match”.



wardrobe essentials

Summer, sticky monsoons and bad odour?? No way! Stash 2-3 for sure! A lighter fruity, spritzy one for the day and a nice tangy, woody one for the night. Yes, perfumes too, are time specific!


A Sari/ Suit

wardrobe essentialsGoing by the weddings we have here in india, it is a must to have atleast 2 saris and the same number of traditional suits in the wardrobe for those wedding functions! Dont forget to style the sari differently every time!


A Print Scarf

wardrobe essentialsA printed or embellished stole/scarf comes in very handy ( from personal experience) when you just don’t know how to spruce up a boring t shirt, like a cherry on a cake! Own a few of these in bright prints and you can get away with the plain Jane look!


A Basic T-shirt

wardrobe essentialsT-shirts are the most used pieces of clothing and hence you must have atleast a dozen of those for the days you don’t want to stress about dressing. They are sometimes the last resort in dressing but one to reckon with! Never take a t shirt for granted.



wardrobe essentialsMy vote goes for the hoops. Own one or few in different colours, these look chic just by virtue of being hoops, any size is a good size! Just for the right kind of jazz.


A jacket

wardrobe essentialsYes they are winters specific, but owning one in a neutral colour can save you from pain of spending exorbitant amount of money on buying more. A black or a dark brown are my personal favourites. Pair them diffferent inners and voila! You got yourself a few sets of new looks!


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Dipti Datta

Dipti is an entrepreneur and a libertarian. Previously associated with some of the most renowned television channels and personalities as a stylist and being a qualified fashion designer her creative bent is apparent. Also,Having worked copiously with a team as an Operations Manager on an online portal, her conviction to work as a team player is undaunting. Her inclination to write is very strong as well, inevitably, as she holds a bachelors degree in English literature. Dipti is A travel buff, an avid reader and a painter and also dabbles in writing poetry. She believes that creativity is the best form of reform.Dipti is determined to associate herself with people and work alike, that refine her tastes and sharpen her sensibilities.


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