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Physically challenged…..what does the term mean to you? Someone who is phyically unable to perform his/her own chores? Someone who is dependent on another for basic activities? Someone weak and secondary? Nope…..not at We Are One! Not anywhere! The only difference between physically normal and challenged lies in the fact that for them, every day is a challenge, that they wish and hope to overcome, what we take for granted. We Are One, helps and makes them realise their challenges,

we are one

We are one (WAO) is a registered charitable trust non-profit organization; effectively making physically and psychological challenged persons lead independent lives. As we started to address this situation; we realized, this wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.  There is much more needed to instill the courage and ability in the psychologically and physically challenged. They did not require mercy from the Society but an opportunity.  WAO’s  humble start to get a platform benefited many coming together from all walks of life who fulfilled their dreams.

The grim reality; however remains that despite their small efforts, there are still stigmas attached. There is a lot that feels dirth of. Efforts are not enough to provide opportunity to those differently able people who understand that their life has finished if they are handicap. WAO  provides them opportunity to  make their self life motivated.

We are one

Their emphasis is to offer an opportunity to those with different physical challenges.  Since the inception of we are one (WAO), they have been working towards in creating awareness through dance and Cultural Rehabilitation. The WAO artists are the only Institution which has presented outstanding innovative performances on wheels across the world. WAO figures in Guinness Book of World Record for creating outstanding performances on wheel chairs.


We Are One Charitable Trust is a  group that comprises both differently able artists on wheel chairs and hearing and speech impaired artists who believe that dance has no barriers.  The founder of the group is Mr. Husnain, who has also been conferred appreciation from President of India. The artists perform on wheel chairs and crutches accompanied by female artists who are hearing and speech impaired. The artists of this unique dance group have many feathers in their hat. Their performances also include audience interaction wherein the children and adults get close with the wheel chair and hearing impaired artists on stage and develop sensitivity towards the differently able in the society. The determination and hard work of the artists encourages the young and the adults to value their own gift of life and pursue their dreams. Our performances have always left a lasting impact on the audience

W.A.O artists have performed in many reality shows like DID ,ENTERTAINMENT KE LIYE KUCH BHI KAREGA, INDIA’S GOT TALENT, and performed in special performance for SATYEMAV JAYATE with Aamir Khan ,,
All in the pretext of  motivating differently able people.

The reality may be grim, but the will to live with dignity, prevails!

Address: WF, Bhawan, Madhu Vihar, New Delhi

Contact: : 9717141990



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