Mark Your Calendar With World’s Wackiest Holidays

Days throughout the calendar are dedicated towards some of the most important and noble causes. From International Women’s Day to Red Cross Day, and from Consumer Rights to Environment Day. India meanwhile is a land famous for holidays celebrating numerous occasions. Yet, few holidays could match some of the wackiness levels of some celebrated. Here we take a look at some of the most bizarre holidays across the globe:

Jan 10: Houseplant Appreciation Day

wackiest days

This is particularly crucial now as it helps keep the indoor environment pollution-free. The areca palm and Aloe Vera are popular indoor plants in India.

Jan 28: Bubble-wrap Appreciation Day

wackiest days

This day has its fair share of history as it was started in a small town in the US state of Indiana. Believe it or not, but there is a Bubblympiad held each year in this town of Bloomington!

March 20: Extra-terrestrial Abductions Day

wackiest days

Definitely one of the wackiest days, there are actually people who desire to be abducted by Aliens!

April 6: International Pillow Fight Day

wackiest days

Sadly for me, I have discovered this day about 2 decades later. It would have been a great help had I known 20 years back so I could have had a field day playing pillow fight with my elder sibling.

May 8: No Socks Day

wackiest days

No doubt a by-product of people wanting to save up on their laundry efforts, it also helps saving a bit of water. There are known sock-lovers who literally boycott this day!

June 20: Take your Dog to Work Day

wackiest days

Yes, dogs are meant to be man’s best friend and yes they help us in several tasks. They have been invaluable in sheep-breeding, narcotics-detection, crime-prevention and even contributed to space travel. But just imagine, me taking my Labrador to What’s Up Life office! That will be hilarious, though not sure how my boss would react when he chews off the annual statement.

Sep 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day

wackiest days

This is a day when one is allowed to wear a black eye patch and use terms such as “aye”, “ahoy”, “blimey” and “jolly roger”. All this with some rum-based drink for sure.

Nov 15: Clean your Refrigerator Day

wackiest days

Now I could do with this one. My refrigerator is often stocked to the brim. Cleaning would be a good excuse to literally clear off all the goodies. Especially those in the deep freezer.


I say….why not try and celebrate these?……Just like that!


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