Veere Di Wedding – A Reality….Hard To Accept?!

Why the hullabaloo over ‘Veere Di Wedding”? I am a bit taken aback by the attention seeking abilities of people….well,Indians. At the risk of sounding feminist, I must put my foot down here. There seems to be just no respite from the moral fanatics when it comes to lambasting movies….really? Before you pass a verdict, Veere di Wedding may have garnered flak, but the box office shows the balance tilting!

veere di wedding

Kareena Kapoor Khan is candid, organic and gorgeous as usual, bringing out the character of Kalindi, urban, and chic yet emotional, relatable, with complete ease. Sonam K Ahuja, though a tad corny, did manage to bring out the hidden wild side of a coy personality. Swara Bhaskar is bashful and entertaining. Though I stood against her ignorance on ‘Padmavat’, her acting skills prove otherwise. Shikha Talsania, is boisterously natural in dialogue delivery. Her ‘smart Alec’ one liners thrown in for a good laugh. Sumit Vyas is a surprise package, very convincing in his portrayal of Rishabh, a man in love with bountiful patience and understanding towards his lady love…a breath of fresh air as far as the character goes, The supporting cast  adds to the drama, comedy and emotional verticals of the movie.

veere di wedding

Coming to what I do best….voice my opinion on the movie bashing brigade. Reading a spate of tweets and posts taking the movie down, It coaxes and urges me to take a stand. The noise around the language and scenes seems to be pouring out in arrays. Never heard a woman abuse?….or better still…have you never abused? Or is this whole furore over the much talked….(and watched) ‘Swara Bhaskar scene’, as it is being called. By now, most of you might have seen the movie (for the said scene).

veere di wedding

Too embarrassed to have watched with your grand mom? The A certificate and the warning about the language and content, didn’t deter you either, from watching it!  But if your problem is with the profanities used, more clearly…the F word…I’ll let this very accomplished gentleman speak for it….

According to a Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) spokesperson the language heard in the movie is unacceptable. “I don’t know which section of India’s 20-something female population talks like this. And for what purpose? I wouldn’t like to say much. But to hear Anil Kapoor’s daughter and Kareena Kapoor Khan talk like this is not very encouraging. They have a huge fan following. Is this the example they want to set”?  Welcome to Feminism, sir! A 20-something male spewing abuses,  might be more acceptable to you. It is the male minds like yours that pull the mindset of the society, down….to the dumps! Using more Hindi profanities, are you?….but that’s ok i guess. A regressive male mind is expected to think just that.

veere di wedding

So, four bossom buddies discussing their respective sex lives is “shameful”…..but getting a set of pornographic dvds to watch and get thrills, isn’t? Maybe the attention seeking pills worked overtime this time, since you overlooked raising your ‘moral’ voices while watching ‘kYA KOOL HAIN HUM’ or ’50 shades of grey”, also clamouring to get your ‘clean’ hands on the unedited version. A girl having a one night stand under the influence of alcohol….who am i to judge? She wasn’t judgemental about it, who are we to then? Or a woman shown pleasuring herself…now we’re talking, isn’t it? A man jerking in the bus, another flashing on the roads, get just a column and video on youtube? A woman shown…. acting, by the way, is shameful, embarrassing and qualifies to be called ‘a prostitute’.There have been instances of male actors masturbating on screen- Shivam Patil in Nasha, Neil Nitin Mukesh in Jail…I wonder what they’d be called!

veere di wedding

My verdict… If you come with acceptance, without the baggage of judgements, you’d enjoy it…I did! .i would recommend it too….The movie is real, candid and even hilarious in bits….watch it for the star cast and pure entertainment… point to prove!  Though the movie did gasp for a stronger script and technically wanting of grip, my fight here is with the moral hypocrisy that is exhibited in the reviews…

Here’s wishing for more life and lesser strife!



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