Valentine’s Day plans for Onesies …. HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY

To begin with, this isn’t an anti Valentine post, I don’t think I can top the Hindu Mahasabha after all I’m a minority in this country, SINGLE.  Yes, to that intellectual breed of homosapiens that just can’t seem to find the perfect partner or the “soulmate” you have arrived at the right place.

Now, I do agree there are quite a few single people out there; the eternal question remains – Where is the right one? By that you mean a forever interesting person that can feed on his/her inner grammar Nazi and yet manage to be unbelievable in bed, all the time. Did I add too much? Then there are those-oh come on there is no perfect partner, you always have to compromise-kinda people but there also is a woman who interjects, I could never commit to anything other than bacon, so, tis a tough life choice to make.

valentine day plans for single alone person

While we thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, it’s sticking with one that is difficult. So what does one do as a single person trying to make a bloody living in this country and have to hunt like cavemen to find ‘the one’. Adding to it the dilemma of facing the most exaggerated and fatal day of flaunting your priced catch. Which brings me to the topic in question; do I really care much about Valentine’s Day? Not really, the hearts and the teddy bears can stuff it; it’s the opportunity to join in smoke room discussions of oh please who really gives a shit.

Quoting the most lifted statement every year in a Vday story, “It is a 18 billion dollar business” it’s clear that this day means a lot, I mean Delhi NCR by itself will host close to 30,000 weddings on this day. Couples who have planned their weddings on this day have already aged a 100 years getting the right wedding planner and if you are planning to travel far, you might age a 100 more in the traffic that awaits you.

 valentine day for singles

To me though, the eternal story of love starts with myself. Yes, a selfish meat eating beer guzzling looney that wants to be happy to keep someone happy.  With a manic work life all you need is a less manic relationship. Where two people can grow with each other, appreciate and basically cut each other some slack now and again. So to those people out there that really don’t want to give a shit, why don’t you call over some friends randomly at your place this day which is basically another Saturday night for me to get shitfaced and party.valentine day love food

Or go to Area 69, pregame and gatecrash another. There are bars that will be functioning with cute hearts around the place, just think that’s chicken liver hanging by your side. Ride down to the Highwaywith a flask and chow down on mean chowmein and pakodas at The Cafe nearby.

For the onesies, pick up a bottle of Ballantine, considering that’s the only day the most clichéd joke magically turns in to a drink nobody really opts for as first choice. Watch a movie, go dancing or just read a book.

After all, it’s just another night!


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Samiya Shakir

#GhettoMiyan from Bambai that swears by Bacon, Beer & Branding. Yes, its surprising and shocking to many, that I left Bombay to do a stint in Gurgaon, but Ive always loved to travel and work in different cities. A corporate thug and a social bee getting into the groove of all that this eccentric city has to offer.


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