DIY (do it yourself) Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The much-awaited February 14th is here! You must be going bonkers prepping for the big day! You have to look your best, feel your best, and most importantly: you have to gift the best thing possible to your significant other.

I, personally, vouch for gifts that go beyond just getting one for the sake of it; something that would truly express how you feel, which you can make a memory out of. And it’s a challenge in itself to come up with something thoughtful rather than just going with the common gifts.

Even if you aren’t exactly a DIY type gal/dude, don’t worry, you can spice up something that is easily available to give it that personal touch.

Okay, so let’s begin – whole lotta love and all things mushy coming your way!

 V-Day Mixtape


Valentine's Day Gifts

Make a mixtape of songs that mean something to both of you, or you could make one that expresses your love for them (the songs could also be in a story-telling order). If they like old Hindi romantic numbers, you could make a two-sided mixtape: side A for English songs and side B for Hindi.You could either burn the mp3 files of these songs on a CD and customize the cover on your own, or buy a quirky pen drive and transfer the songs in it. Let your imagination take over!  P.S. Give the mixtape along with chocolates and a hand written letter to make it more special.

Love in a Jar


Valentine's Day Gifts

You can use a mason jar or any glass jar with a lid to make this cute gift. Cut out chits of paper, write down different reasons why you love him/her on each, fold them neatly (or make tiny scrolls) and put them inside the jar. Go crazy with the decoration – tie a ribbon around the lid with little hearts hanging, or stick glitter stickers. If your sweetie is a sweet tooth, you can even fill up the remaining space in the jar with candies!

‘Open When’ Letters


Valentine's Day Gifts

This one is one of the sweetest gifts ever!
A stack of envelops to open when:
‘You are missing me’
‘You need inspiration’
‘You need a little laugh’
‘You are feeling lonely’
‘You need to know how much I love you’
‘You’re feeling happy’
‘You can’t sleep’
‘Our anniversary’… you can add whatever you like, and inside the envelopes, write a love letter matching the theme. There are many printable available online too, or you can take the extra effort and make them yourself! To finish off this package you can tie them up with a ribbon, or decorate a cardboard box and put them in it.

Your Song Picture Frame


Valentine's Day Gifts

Every couple has that one special song that means a lot to them, that they hold close to their heart – a love anthem. In this DIY idea, you can take your favourite part of that song, write it down, and frame it with a picture of both of you. What a simple yet thoughtful idea! If you want to make it even more special, you can make the photo frame yourself using cardboard, and decorate it as you like.

Personalized Globe


Valentine's Day Gifts

This super cute chalkboard globe is a perfect gift for your special one if you both love travelling, or met/got married in another country. Also, you could mark other significant places. All you gotta do is buy a globe, if you don’t already have one, paint it using a brush or a spray paint can, pick up colourful chalks and let your creative juices flow. You can write a relevant quote too! Let it come from your heart and that will make it the best gift ever.

Picture in a Jar


Valentine's Day GiftsHere’s another thing that your mason jar sitting idle on the top shelf of the kitchen can do. Pick out a special picture of your sweetheart and you, and curl it outwards (like in the picture) and put it in the jar. You can also use two pictures in one jar, and don’t forget to decorate the lid – ribbons, paint, stickers… you decide.


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