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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her – Break the Stereotype this Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2020

When Valentine’s Day comes all the love birds get excited and everyone seems to be occupied making it memorable and romantic for their partners. It is the occasion of love which is often misinterpreted as the day for romance between couples only. This often leads to dilution of the purpose of this beautiful day. While the love has no barriers and it has a lot wider meaning than what currently prevails around this day. If you think chocolate, flowers, Cakes are all what Valentine’s Day is all about then it is the time when you break the stereotype and look beyond the meaning of this wonderful day! Let love transcend all the barriers and relationships this valentine’s day. Cherish the moments with all your loved ones be it mother, father, sister, partner, friend, teacher, etc. by showering them with some unique and valuable gifts. It is the time when you emblaze and rekindle the spark with your most treasured people of your life. Here we have found some of the gifting options which abrogate monotony and add a great value to the celebrations.

Chocolate Massage Kit

c Indulge and immerse your lady in the exquisite luxury of a chocolate massage. With this kit get your partner to relax, recharge and rejuvinate with delightful chocolate aromas. Ideal for pampering lovers specially those who love chocolate. Available at for INR 1799, this one is for the deserving woman of your dreams.

Le Jahaan

valentine's day gufts The brand specializes in wooden packaging for all occasions that can be used by people everyday. It is a brand that is now looking to expand and carve out a niche in the Indian market. The ‘You Make Me Smile Collection’ is one that has been specifically designed and curated to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The core concept for this holiday is to gift your beloved something that is meaningful and that will be cherished for years to come!

TSS Pocket Perfumes by The Scent Studio

Pen Perfumes by the Scent Studio gifts This is one of the useful and special products – the Pockets perfume, your daily use pocket friendly perfumes to carry your fragrances always with you in handy and smart packs. Let your loved ones always smell nice and feel confident everywhere. Only At INR 699 on, rekindle the romance.

Box of Chocolate Soaps

valentine's day gifts Nothing says romance better than chocolates, right? so, why not buy her her favourite indulgence in a form that will stay with her through the day? Chocolate soaps at /, are utterly romantic. Priced at INR 1800, these are you as well!

Tango Wellness Motivator (Fitness Band)

Tango Wellness Motivator gifts Gift Your loved ones a healthy lifestyle this Valentine. Encourage your loved ones to stay fit and maintain a healthy Lifestyle. Tango Fitness band is most accurate among the available bands in the market and would suit your budget. And battery life sets it apart from the same price range of fitness bands. It makes life a bit hassle free as one does not need to charge it upto 3-4 weeks once it is completely charged. At INR 3000/- on, It's perfect for the woman who likes to stay fit.

Gifts like Jewellery & Accessories

jewellery box valentine's day gifts for Yeah, when it comes to a woman nothing tops getting expensive, beautiful and intricately made jewelry and other accessories. So, YOU being the man should more likely than not tap into this opportunity and gift her something in these same lines, which will be hard for her to forget!

A Nice Dress

valentines day gifts What's the ideal prelude to you taking your girlfriend or wife out for a dinner date? Both of you should be looking your absolute best on that one night...right? For you it ain't that serious, but your lady has to look like a princess. Period. So, all you lazy guys out there...get off your couch and go buy her a dress she always craved for!

Well, these were some of the gifting ideas for your loved ones on Valentine's day. Let us know if you have anything better in mind!

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