Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him- Break the Stereotype this Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day comes all the love birds get excited and everyone seems to be occupied making it memorable and romantic for their partners. It is the occasion of love which is often misinterpreted as the day for romance between couples only. This often leads to dilution of the purpose of this beautiful day.

While the love has no barriers and it has a lot wider meaning than what currently prevails around this day. If you think chocolate, flowers, Cakes are all what Valentine’s Day is all about then it is the time when you break the stereotype and look beyond the meaning of this wonderful day!

Let love transcend all the barriers and relationships this valentine’s day. Cherish the moments with all your loved ones be it mother, father, sister, partner, friend, teacher, etc. by showering them with some unique and valuable gifts.

It is the time when you emblaze and rekindle the spark with your most treasured people of your life.

Here we have found some of the gifting options which abrogate monotony and add a great value to the celebrations.

Wine Glasses

valentine's day gifts

Planning to share a romantic evening with your bae? take home Valentine’ day wine glasses for Him And Her and pop the bubbly in style! Available on the Archies’ online shopping site, one can buy them for just INR 799.

Legendary Bikes of India Coaster

valentine's day gifts

If you man is a bike buff, this may be the closest you could bring him to his passion, something he could add to his collectibles shelf. Priced at INR 1099, there is also a jeep variant available and can be bought at Happily Unmarried’s website.


valentine's day gifts

Why not brew some more love this Valentine’s day? Buy him this ‘beery’ board game and enjoy a fun evening in, with a bottle of beer by the side….Something he could play on with his buds too!  Priced at INR 499 on

Personalised Wallet

valentine's day gifts

There’s nothing like a gift that keeps him reminding of you, isnt it? A pure leather wallet with his initials inscribed, will do just that! Order one of these now! INR 799 on

TSS Pocket Perfumes by The Scent Studio

Pen Perfumes by the Scent Studio, Price- Rs 699This is one of the useful and special products – the Pockets perfume, your daily use pocket friendly perfumes to carry your fragrances always with you in handy and smart packs. Let your loved ones always smell nice and feel confident everywhere. Get these at for INR 699/-.

A Nice Watch

watch gift valentines day

Don’t want your better half to be late for that super special date? Gift him an irresistible watch, on wearing which he’ll constantly be reminded of you, and yeah goes without saying he’ll have time in his hands for your next date, literally!

Well, these were some of the gifting ideas for your loved ones on Valentine’s day. Let us know if you have anything better in mind!

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