Vaibhav Kothari: Defeating a natural challenge with limitless creativity

There are always some challenges that leave us a little shocked and completely dumb founded on most occasions. For some, fighting against the odds is an unexpected role-call one has to play in order to emerge on top of a situation that he or she can never confounded. For the others, challenges are part of life where frequent failures only go on to hail difficulties as the real victor in front of the frail human spirit.

But, if difficulties are mental obstacles, then to a certain Vaibhav Kothari, born to an affluent family of sprawling riches and one whose commanding presence in Rajasthan has drawn as much respect as regards, there is a particular challenge that is more than just an obstacle.

The 31 year old Entrepreneur, film maker and soon to be an actor, holds a degree in Entrepreneurship from a top-notch US College. He also has to his credit an imposing Corporate responsibility in his family owned business at the revered and highly respected Om Metal Group, a leading Infrastructure and Construction firm with its routes in Rajasthan, a place where Vaibhav spent a lot of time helping out his joint family with its expansive business challenges at the diverse cities of Kota and Jaipur.

Vaibhav om metal group

Like any other youngster, young and enterprising Vaibhav has dreams and passions alike. He loves traveling but hardly finds time given his tight and challenging business schedule, from where he has risen the ranks , cutting his teeth in an extensive and stiff road construction and expansion project in Rajasthan, a project Vaibhav commanded closely from his ever observant eyes once he resumed affairs at the Om Metal Group upon his successful return from the US. But there is a problem, in fact a huge ask that often transpires Vaibhav’s engaging and creative world into a land of challenges, one from where he rises in his best capacity, never bowing down to the face of overwhelming odds.

Vaibhav’s truly inspiring journey amidst a personal challenge

He was born deaf. Yes, can you imagine? In a world where he is constantly traveling around the country and even abroad for his affluent family business affairs, convening over important meetings, interacting with important corporate leaders and other entrepreneurs and often, spending bouts of time in the company of eminent personalities, Vaibhav does all of this with outstanding success despite not being able to hear and speak a single word.

He may be deaf, and may be amidst a huge natural problem that god almighty didn’t present him with, but it may also be an indication of some other gifts in the offing. Those who have observed this bright youngster from Kota, Rajasthan, one who seldom parts with his enthusiastic smile and twinkle in the eye would have come to know that Vaibhav is all eyes and ears for interesting conversations and one where he never shies away from offering his skillful, articulate and often, compelling advices.

From helping fellow brothers and sisters in a tightly strewn and well-knit close joint family in selecting what places to eat at and what clothes to wear on a cultural evening or duo, to expressing his creative offerings to some of the stiffest engineering problems and challenges, one that Vaibhav has tackled in aplenty, his life doesn’t ever seem to come to a halt in the face of this tremendous personal problem.kothari om metal group

How does the ever smiling Vaibhav Kothari cope up with being deaf

In a world where challenges are as constant as the many occasions to defeat them, Vaibhav Kothari, currently based in the United States, where he is pursuing a scholarship in his MBA program at Colorado, works closely with translators. Always looking to trump difficulties in interpersonal and business communication, this widely read youngster hired a specialized set of sign language experts who travel with him and work uniquely and closely toward helping Vaibhav express himself and share his ideas and opinions with those who really matter.

So as he takes the charge of an important marketing and business development related assignment at the esteemed Om Metal group, or hangs out with his friends, or even attends important family and other social duo’s along with Vaibhav, his sign language experts and translators work closely in a bid to offer unique insights into his creative and supremely gifted brain.

It is with the great efforts of his translators that Vaibhav successfully outdoes and defeats normal communication challenges, which to the meek and weak minded would have been enough to reduce an individual’s existence to being moribund.

I will not bow down to my natural weakness or succumb to pressures, “Not Anymore”

For the deaf person, words are often bondages that one doesn’t have the privilege of speaking or hearing. Sentences are long and distant landmarks that one wishes to travel in an arduous journey and the mere idea of leading a normal and if not much, stable life, is often reduced to a mentally paralyzing idea. We all come to often underrate and highly subjugate the existence of those who are born with this natural problem.

Yet, despite of such a genuine concern and issue concerning his natural abilities, Vaibhav Kothari, persevered against the odds and even directed a short feature film titled “NOT ANYMORE”. The film deals with a regular busy working day in the life of the young businessman, Vaibhav Kothari, who is seen solving complex problems and meeting day to day affairs in his regular work life despite living with his condition. How one can deal with the constraint of being deaf and not succumb to an overtly aggressive shadow of this constraint that often makes one reel under its shadow, one that threatens to become a problem, is what is shown with effective directorial and acting power by Vaibhav.

The effective use of translators and their gifted and talented help at addressing Vaibhav’s constraint and ultimately, helping him win over every-day challenges is shown meticulously made film Not Anymore, one that has bagged several international and national awards. The film showcases members of the respect Kothari family, Vaibhav’s immediate family members, who interact and help the youngster challenge his concern with brilliant ease. The overall attempt is to convey that no matter what your problem you can always emerge on top if you have the will and the patience and ability to succeed.

What we all can learn from Vaibhav’s life journey

Born to a family of affluent background, this amicable youngster never resorted to sitting easily and lazily over his family’s well established business. Despite being deaf, he dumbfounded his naysayers and contemporaries by going beyond the call of duty to effectively come to rescue of those his likes, who are also confronted with the problem. By directing the film he so nicely made, Vaibhav has left a lasting imprint in the challenging journey of those who reel with this natural constraint that they are born with.

An eager and curious life devoted to maximizing his potential just like any other person, Vaibhav’s triumph is of the human spirit that defeats odds in the face of overwhelming conditions. His life is a testimony that life is beyond the sum total of its weaknesses and challenges it imposes on an individual and that true glory lies in self belief and stopping at nothing that comes in your way to outdo the odds in life. With an acting role in the heartland of Hollywood awaiting his enterprising act, Vaibhav’s life is symbolic that he will stop at nothing in front of achieving his goals. I won’t stop, no, not anymore!


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