9/11 or 11/9, USA Creates History Again

9th of November, 2016, will be indeed marked as a historic day in the calendars of not just United States of America, but all over the world. Yes, Donald Trump has achieved victory in the 2016 USA presidential elections, to become the 45th president of the United States of America.

In modern times, never such an unlikely and improbable candidate has won the political elections of a country, with plans not so certain. In one of his campaigns, he just roughly said that he could act presidential when the time is right. Well, NOW WHAT? Donald Trump is indeed a reminder that you should apply for that job you want, even if you don’t have experience!


It will be quite interesting to see how Trump and the Republican Party govern the country of USA. People all over the world were filled with mixed reactions. While some took a breath of relief after his win, there were many who were shocked and disheartened, and expressed grief and uncertainty. Posts on social media are still trending about the same.

  • C.‏@DarrenConnolly_  3h3 hours ago: #DonaldTrump didn’t win today. Hate won. Fear won. Racism won. Sexism won. Homophobia won. Prejudice won.
  • lewee vaton‏@leweevaton_  1h1 hour ago: Donald Trump is just one man. The scary thing is that 50 million people backed him. Please pray for all the Muslim #Trump #DonaldTrump
  • 유기현‏@IAmKpopTrash_  2h2 hours ago: How could you pass from a black president to a racist one,i’m really upset,America #Elections2016 #DonaldTrump #Trump
  • NΛDIΛ H. DΛNGΛ‏@NadiaHDanga  3h3 hours ago: Missing Obama already. Scared to witness #DonaldTrump as the next President #Trump
  • it’s tay‏@1Daficionado  4h4 hours ago: congratulations America, you just elected hitler the second #electionday #ripamerica #HesNotMyPresident #DonaldTrump
  • Mia Awan 11 hrs: Trump is ahead in Michigan right now!! Wow! Praise God!!
  • Somveer Singh‏@somveer1087  4h4 hours ago: #trumpwins Trump, Putin , Modi , Erdogan. The world has become such a great place to live now. Thanks God 🙂 #ElectionNight #DonaldTrump


“This is a historic night, the American people have spoken and the American people have elected their new champion”, said vice-president-elect Mike Pence. How historic will Trump’s Presidential term be? Have the people of America actually made a right choice? These are the questions which only time can answer.


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