What Will Be The Fashion Trends of 2040

Was it only a decade ago that Apple was a mere fruit that kept the doctor away, cameras used film and tweet was something that birds did? Ever wondered how much life will change in the next few decades and what will be the fashion and lifestyle trends of 2040??!!

Many predict that in the future, fashion and new technologies will cohabit. Wearable tech is very 2040. We peered into the crystal ball for tomorrow’s styles and fashion forecasts and here are the quirky responses we got.

The Responses

We will receive an email from our slim jeans, the sleeve will send and receive messages, the boxes would have apps.

There’s so much of focus on fitness that only body shapes will be in fashion. Perhaps people will wear only body suits.

iphone undy

India’s obsession with the Western world means that Indian attires such as sari, sherwani etc. will cease to exist.

Women will sit in Louis Vuitton bags. Perhaps live in them 😉

Just like online shopping made a foray in this decade, in 2040, one will order and alter clothes with the mere swipe of the palm.

The possibilities for merging technology, biology and the human body are set to change the fashion industry beyond recognition. Clothes will just be second skin, a body operating system.

Everything will be designed to make life easier — think apps that will warn you of an impending asthma attack.

By 2040, the mass movement of people around the globe, thanks to tourism, business and climate change, will create new ethnicities such as Blackenese and Chicanese.

Clothes will recycle themselves. I wish!

Wearable tech all the way! I-jeans, I-suits, I-minis etc.





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