World’s Most Weird Weddings That You Can’t Even Imagine

You know he / she is a keeper when she / he agree to get married to you next to a volcano or in a zoo or in a cosplay attire. There are some people who think out of the box so here’s a looking at the unusual weddings around the world.

Mount Everest

unusual weddings

Yes, the cold but Oh, how gorgeous the pictures would be.

Under water

unusual weddings

For all the water babies out there.

Adventure rides

unusual weddings

Keep the kid alive while getting into the adulthood.

On top of an airplane

unusual wedding

Because being inside the plane is too cliche?

Zero gravity Cabin

unusual weddings

Coz love does gives you wings.

Mc Donalds

unusual wedding


While sky diving

unusual wedding

Talk about being on cloud 9.

Bungee jumping

unusual wedding

Literally taking the plunge.

In a cave

unusual wedding



unusual wedding



unusual wedding



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