Unusual and Weird Signs of a Heart Attack !

Signs of a Heart Attack

So, on a day when you’re having a writer’s block and watching anime cartoon – all, while devouring a bucket of KFC chicken…you really can’t hope much on being able to write an article on that one day.

But ideas, as they say float in the air. So, while watching this anime series named ‘Death Note’ which is basically about a human acquiring the powers of a Shinigami ( Japanese Gods of death ) and hence being able to dispose off people with mysterious and unexplained heart attacks, something struck me.

Apart from thinking about how awesome the series really was, I started thinking about the reasons and symptoms behind heart attacks. I mean, it’s not a simple phenomenon to say the least, and people don’t just fall down, holding their chests and shrieking out a few cryptic words !

The thing about such a mishap is the fact that most people aren’t aware of the numerous symptoms and reasons leading up to it. The common and atypical symptoms are well known, duh…but for such serious issues one should be well aware of the flip-side of it’s symptoms.

More often than not people relate heart attacks to sudden chest pains, agitations and breathlessness. But cardiologists have started to warn folks about the lesser known symptoms, which need to be diagnosed and looked upon asap.

So, here you go. Take notes from this article, which for a change kind of focuses on a serious issue at hand !


Signs of a Heart Attack

Experts link a sudden and profuse perspiration cycle to cardiac origins. People developing this particular symptom, if you like to place it in that way…can be traced to severe reduction of cardiac output and to some extent sympathetic over activity.
Other factors leading to such a situation include diabetes, low blood glucose level in the blood and also excess of thyroid levels.

Sudden falling of Blood Pressure too can lead to dire consequences, so you better fix that daily quota of eggs and salt in your diet !


Unusual Signs of Heart Attack

More than 50% of people nowadays have a tendency to either sleep late…very late, or suffer from disrupted and irregular sleep.
Docs say that people of such characteristics are prone to develop high blood pressure and in turn heart attacks. It’s advisable for such people to get evaluated and checked up asap without clinging on to such ailments.

Okay, writing this officially scares me, ’cause I sure as hell am not a person who sleeps peacefully ! 😛


Heart Attack

A drop in appetite can be because of various reasons, but as per experts there’s slightly a more chance of loss in appetite for heart patients. If this symptom is evident in a person with a history of heart issues, then worsening of heart failure may be suspected.

What should you do ? EAT EAT and EAT. Set an alarm for every two hours and munch on something every time the alarm goes off !


symptoms of Heart Attack

A sudden and random fainting spell with spontaneous recovery happens when there is insufficient flow of blood to the brain due to decreased cardiac output and low blood pressure. In such cases, the person in concern should immediately undergo treatment.

Basically, come on bro! You have to take care of yourself, no one’s gonna’ do it for you.

5. FALLING IN LOVE ( with the wrong person )


Which brings me to this one point, which may not me scientifically or medically valid but holds legitimate weight nonetheless! And, it’s time the mood got lightened up a bit on what has turned out to be a very serious, and hopefully helpful article.

It’s kind of like what Demi Lovato said in one of her songs – “Puttin’ my defenses up
‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack “

So, my friend…fall in love with the right person and get a rush of blood to your head and heart ! 😉

Stay safe and live healthy people ! 🙂


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