An Underwater Train From Mumbai To UAE To Be Launched Soon

Peeps! Leave whatever you are doing right now..Because, your dream of travelling in an underwater train is going to come real super soon.According to the National Advisor Bureau Limited Manager and Chief Consultant Abdulla Alshehhi, an underwater train is going to be launched from Mumbai to UAE and the total rail network would be less than 2000 kms.

underwater train

Credits: Indiatimes

As per reports, India would be providing UAE with freshwater from River Narmada while they will export oil from Fujairah Port via the same pipeline. This project will surely set a benchmark in the trade relations between the two countries.

underwater train

Credits: India Today

These ultra-speed floating trains would boost the tourism between the two nations and give tourists a unique experience. Apart from UAE, even China is working on similar projects where an underwater rail network would connect China to Russia, US and Canada. If things go as per plan, even Mumbai and Ahmedabad would be connected with each other by an underwater train by 2022.

But nonetheless! We can’t wait any longer to travel in an underwater train.


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