Why Go Overseas When You Can Go Underwater!?

India is all set to welcome its first underwater museum opening soon in Puducherry. You can now go deep sea diving and snorkeling without having to make plans abroad and burn holes in your pockets. As a blessing from the Indian Navy, a huge vessel that has served her time in the oceans of the world will be submerged and the wreck will behave as an underwater museum for everybody to swim around and admire!

The whole point of this new establishment is to glorify and invest more in the beauty of Puducherry as a tourist destination. The French colonization of the Union and what’s left of it is what draws attention and tourists from all over the world. Beautiful beach facing resorts and small elegant cafes with delicious food is not the only thing Puducherry will be boasting about a year from now.

INS Cuddalore, a minesweeper decommissioned in March 2018 after it voyaged 30,000 nautical miles in 30 years, will be transformed into a gallery, as per a Times of India report. The minesweeper will be sent to the seabed 7 km off Puducherry at a depth of 26 meters. The 60-meter long and 12-meter wide vessel will be a well-known abode for scuba diving and underwater swimming. The Navy has consented to gifting the vessel to advance the travel industry in Puducherry. The jumpers will pursue trails and courses all through the ship which will direct them through the submerged vessel.

Once the ship is submerged, there will be various kinds of reactions on the metal surface due to which there’ll be algae and other microorganisms taking abode. This will in turn attract different forms of life inside the vessel that will make it a striking wreck to be diving into and around.

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