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Planning a date with your bae was never that easy, and I have some personal experience there. Though I have grown up with the conventional  stereotypical  idea of a perfect date, read, candle lights,flowers, chocolates…I know,I know, cliche run of the mill, you’ll say! But in my defense,  I sprout from the old school of thought that has never failed me! Notwithstanding that,  the idea of, well, “off beat” unconventional date ideas sounds as appealing to me. Whats that, you ask? Read on!



DATE IDEASA couple that cooks together, stays together! Cooking together has implications of supporting each other and well, when the results are appealing, who’s complaining? Get a little playful during the process and voila! You got yourself a perfect evening. Nothing more romantic, we say.



unconventional date ideas


If your bae is an adrenaline junkie, this one will win hands down. You don’t have to travel  to the mountains for this one. Indian Mountain Foundation  at Anand Nikatan, is the place you have to get to, to get some adrenaline pumping together.



unconventional date ideasThere’s nothing like bonding over a game of old time favorites Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, chess  or Carom board. Who said there’s nothing romantic about competing with your bae over a board game And laughing over it? We say, everything! Psst, dont forget to take out that bottle of wine!



date This one is going to give you a rush like never before. A speed rush with your special person is just the thing you need when you’ve been there done that with all the flowers and candles in the city! A perfect way to share your wild sides.


PICNIC @INDIA GATEdateAs obsolete as it may sound, going on a picnic is the most peaceful, relaxed date you could go for, of course the weather playing the catalyst here. A breezy evening is the perrfect time to venture out with your bae’s favourite drink and home made food packed in the picnic rugsack, and your bae too! And yeah, you can add a little zing with some music from your phone palylist! Oh! and a walk (in the rain) to end it right!



date Ever replayed a movie scene with the lovers flying high in the sky, with yourself and your special person in it? Look no further! With options such as Flyboy,you can relive your fantasy and don’t have to travel far for it either! Paragliding together is one of the most breathtakingly romantic dates you can indulge in. This one’s on my list just for the sheer thrill of it!



unconventional date

Painting can be the most scintillating when done together.My vote goes to this one! The idea is to paint one picture together! And I promise you,The most exhilarating date you’ve been on. Add a playful paint fight to rev up the fun quotient a little bit more! Irresistible, isnt it! Get going on it!


“The best moments are the ones you never intended!”  

So get moving on these jaunty dates! You wont be disappointed, I promise!

Tell us how they went!



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