The 7 kinds of Monsoon you can enjoy during this season

Hello Monsoons. There are dark clouds roaring up in the sky. There’s a tinge of nostalgia and a want to indulge in some impish fun. The weather is overcast and the mind feeling overcrowded by thoughts of having too much fun.


The long-awaited monsoons are finally here. Yippee. Those brisk rains or that tumultuous downpour. The madness of being drenched and the lack of pity for your crumpled clothes and mucky shoes on account of torrential rainfall. Monsoons in India bring alive a special kind of fun. Suddenly, all that is noise and loud feels nimble and smooth. Time passes by real slow and there’s an energy and vibe into the otherwise dull surroundings. Life hits an all time high and our happiness knows no bounds. There’s smiles, jokes, laughter and funfair. Buddy-time, romance, food indulgence and plenty of rains for company, it’s all there!

But before you bring out your umbrellas or go duck under some cover or simply let yourself be one with the bliss of monsoons, What’s Up Life presents you the 7 overwhelmingly beautiful kinds of monsoons that you can enjoy only in India

The Sultry Monsoons


While the monsoons bring alive a jovial feeling, it also tags along some sultry weather. A layer of hot, humid air envelopes the beautiful slice of happiness that monsoons bring. But not all is bad during sultry weather. Or is it? The more the humidity, the more chances of a sprinkle of rain erupting out of nowhere to drench you down.

You can’t be pigeon-holed in your house now, can you? It is the sultry monsoon that brings up a layer of anticipation for more rains to follow, just like a warm, spicy meal precedes a delightfully chilled stroke of some dessert!

The “Chai-Pakoda” monsoons


Can there be anything better that gorging on those smoldering hot collection of pakoda’s and some refreshing chai during monsoons? Probably not. If rain casts a spell on you, then soak in some more fun by digging into some masala chai and spicy paneer, gobhi pakoda’s.

This is the perfect antidote to the mundane and dull in life. Go pick up some friends and gather by the side of that beautiful, soulful verandah. Let it pour all heavens on you as you dig into a heavenly bite of chai with pakoda’s. Wait? Is that mom coming out of the kitchen? Time to fill up.

 The “romantic” monsoons


Lovers and monsoons. It’s like a timeless bond, one that you find in moving romantic drama’s or the picture perfect romantic setting of Shakespearean characters. If ever there is a gap or a certain void between loving hearts, then rains fall heavy on that drift.

Bringing lovers closer and making hearts merrier, there is nothing as beautiful as spending some time in the adoring company of your loved one during the monsoons. Wake up lover boy. Time to see her and get drenched by all the love. All you need is love, love is all you need.

“Share an umbrella” monsoons

Screen-Shot-2012-06-16-at-10.05.50-AMFor those among us who are yet to find their love in life, the monsoons are a harbinger of hope. Picture this: It’s pouring cats and dogs and you are by yourself on a bus stand awaiting for your ride to get home. And then a bus reaches the stand and someone special steps out.

It’s raining constantly and she seems to have run out of an umbrella. What are you waiting for, Christmas? Ever wondered how a simple, benevolent act of offering your umbrella can bring you two close together? The monsoons are in fact a perfect conversation starter.

Thank heavens that it ran. Moreover, people aren’t all that flimsy about interacting with a stranger nowadays. People take their chances. And there couldn’t be anything better than coming close to a romantic entanglement during monsoons 😉

“Go for a long drive” monsoons 


For some reason, its a great disservice to the monsoons by just sitting by yourself or in the company of friends doing nothing other than appreciating the vast beauty of nature. You can do much better than that, can’t you? In India, the monsoons can be an active setting for letting your hair down.

People plan well in advance to sneak away from the busy town, leaving behind the worry of work or other engagements during monsoons. Everyone likes a long drive. If there’s ever a season to find a new reason for happiness, then its the monsoons.

They are a perfect getaway season with your loved ones to party away from town. Beat the monotony and put on your party shoes. Run away from the chaos of urban life and seek some serene silence of monsoons in a picturesque weekend destination. India has tons of these in fact. There’s Ratnagiri, Humpi, Neemrana, Simla and the evergreen Khandala!

The ‘host a party at your place ‘ monsoons 


Having friends around is always a good idea. But being in the cushy, comfortable air conditioned confines of your home can be a bit boring isn’t it? Assemble all your friends for a monsoon weekend. And go party blasting with  some melodious and soulful Jazz. Keep the windows open and refrain from drawing the curtains.

Put on a good movie and unleash yourself in India’s most awaited season. There can hardly be anything better than setting the house on ‘rains’ during monsoons. The food-fest, the lyrical gathering and the movie-fair, these are all spectacular reasons to enjoy life during monsoons.

“Hang out at the rooftop” monsoons 


Monsoons and the good old rooftop of the house. It’s an interesting combination to rearrange the fragmented layers of your life into a beautiful rearrangement that spells some fun and laughter. Generally, the rooftop of a house is the least visited place on a usual day.

But during monsoons, it turns into a wild party joint, if you think about it. This monsoon season, put on your best party-wear and get on top of things, literally speaking! Having a monsoon party can be every bit as refreshing as is chugging down a few pints of bear after a long day’s work. Well, what are you thinking about? Get it all- chai, aqua, beer, fresh juice, snacks and whatnot?

Enable India’s beautiful magnanimously serene outdoors to enter into your life this monsoons. Splash hard, this monsoon people.


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