Two women bikers achieve a rare feat: Kanyakumari to Leh on bike in just 129 hours

True goes the saying that “Travelling is about the journey, not destination”. No matter how many times this is repeated, it still holds true. Especially in the case of two friends and passionate bikers, Amrutha Kashinath and Shubra Acharya, who did the unthinkable by covering the distance from Kanyakumari to Leh distance, on motorcycles, in 129 hours.  It is the fastest South-North tour done by women on a motorcycle, and this expedition has also registered their names in the ‘Limca Book of Records.

women bikersAs per Amrutha, they had no such plans to complete the journey in limited time frame. It was later that they decided to challenge themselves, and without any realisation finished the journey in just five days. The trip was completely sponsored and both the women are frequent travellers. They have been on several journeys together from past seven years, and together they took some training sessions for months to make this journey possible.

women bikers

Now both are happy with their achievement, and are motivation to all women travellers hailing from India. These women have proved that anything can be achieved with strong will and determination. Being a woman, there are various notions about safety and other concerns but these two brave women breaking all the stereotypes have proved that nothing is impossible. Elaborating more on the same, Amrutha said that generally women in this country do not prefer to travel alone or depend on male companions for safety purpose, a fact that they wanted to change.

women bikers

On completing the prestigious Limca record challenge, they said that the most challenging thing for them was managing sleep while travelling. Shubra mentioned that it was quite tough to maintain a minimum of five hours sleep, and getting up early the next day. Tanglangla Pass in Ladakh was among the most challenging stretches as the region is prone to snowstorms and rains.

women bikers

Being passionate bikers and travellers, both the women have gone on myriad expeditions and faced quite a few challenges during their journeys. “We have covered around 2 lakh km around the country. Then we covered Bhutan and Sri Lanka. This year we are going to Mongolia,” said Amrutha.

women bikers

We wish them luck on their next expedition!


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