Jasmin Waldmann

Trust Yourself To Avoid Dejection

April 23, 2018

Dejection. That one word which can cause a multi speckled emotional commotion. Almost like this sentence has actually come out. It causes one to doubt one’s ability and makes one feel like a failure. A failure. Even the sound of it causes one to squirm.

But then, that is it. For a few minutes one keeps revelling in the murk, trying to understand (analyse, if you may) why and what must’ve gone wrong. One goes over the submission of the people who succeeded and compared. Back and forth, one may keep reasoning out one's failure and after a brief pity party, one needs to be back.

Back where one belongs.

avoid dejection in life

 Feeding the positive-weakens the negative.

So switch on some music and dance. Dance for about a few minutes and then the worry might just vanish like a puff of smoke. Yes. Suddenly you may feel that dark, gloomy soot release from your body in thin air and you feel a swift shift in you demeanour- from sulkiness to deliverance.

They say, if we feed our mind with positivity then it gradually becomes a habit and leads us to a happy place. So, if you really want to be happy you would make those necessary changes to create happiness around you and within. Shifting one’s perceptions from unproductive notions to productive thinking will lead one to make behavioural alterations- for the positive.

So eventually, what necessarily must lie beyond dejection is acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that you are here and now and no one can take that from you. Why don’t we make the best of it, then? If not now, one will achieve.

 When in doubt-Trust yourself.

It’s all about turning the ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’! Right?

Yeah, there’s that rainbow!... So Buckle up and get going...

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