The Tricky Mind!!! How to Concentrate / Focus??

The human mind is like a monkey; it can’t sit in one place for a moment. Same way, it is difficult to think on one track for long. So How to Concentrate / Focus ???  By learning the art of meditation we can empower the mind and equip ourselves to control our thoughts.  Meditation brings in a sense of purity and freshness. It rids the body of negative energy and ushers in a positive attitude. It not only strengthens the body with flexibility and balance but also reinforces focus and the sense of self-awareness. Meditation also helps children with mental disorders to learn and focus better.
In the age of technology, one has a lot of options to learn and practice meditation. You could read a book about it, surf the Internet or watch a YouTube video.
 focus your mind

One of the best forms of meditation is the Zen Meditation. It is quite simple too.

 Sit in front of a plain and empty wall with no pattern and try to de-focus your view. Starting from there, it is ridiculously easy. You don’t have to hold onto your thoughts but appreciate them. For instance, you look at the wall and think ‘ I think I should get the walls painted again, they don’t look great anymore’. You can take this thought as it is, ‘ I think I should get the walls painted’ , reflect it and then leave it.
Though it does sound easy it can sometimes be a challenge. Because thoughts can be seductive and have the tendency to invite you to stick to them and think further.
By not wasting any time and meditating this way for 10 minutes everyday for the next ten weeks you can enhance your concentration by 30%.
Make a commitment to yourself for the next ten weeks to live a smoother life with all its pleasures. Start meditating!
Sporty regardsJasmin Waldmann
International fitness expert & consultant in India,
Mental Coach & Director of Pilardio®

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