The Trend of More Drama and Less Food

Food habits change phenomenally every couple of years. While the kids of the 70’s and 80’s were over the moon with their mom making burgers with aloo tikkis and calling them “ham burgers”, the 90’s kids have had Mac Donald’s, KFC as staple diet. As of now, drama is as important an ingredient as anything else, especially when it comes to eating out. As is with everything else, we humans get bored of the usual and mundane. The success of restaurants in the city doesn’t just depend on the food anymore—ambience plays an equally important role, and so does presentation which is why many new restaurants are coming up with their own unique themes to complement the gastronomical experience. Portions or taste are of little importance from what it seems. Molecular Gastronomy makes a foray into our plates and HOW!

And which is why the Sector 29 Market in Gurgaon has kissed goodbye to popular and high footfall names; some economical ones like Yo China, KFC, Vaango, Wendy’s and some elite ones too like Mainland China. Concurrently, it is the high-on-drama places doing well. The Dram is in the decor, the theme, the presentation of food. The Servings are getting poorer and the price tags bigger and fatter.



When one dines out, one expects more than just satiating one’s stomach. One expects a memorable experience worth the moolah spent. “If it were just about comfort food or a satisfying meal’s, I’d rather eat what my mom prepares and make her happy. Going out means more DRAMA ON THE PLATE”. So while the cuisines at these theme based restaurants may not be far from usual, the place is bound to impress you with its décor and drama. Be it a  toy truck filled with half the amount of French fries for double the price as what you would get at Mac Donalds or an extremely frugal serving of a kabab with a fancy name such as Magnum Boti Kabab or Maharani ki pasand (the Maharani must be on a “just fresh air” diet),  people, you are definitely paying for the drama here. And we Dilliwalas like our dramatic sagas, while eating too! Who says drama is limited to our TV soaps only!?!



“A mélange of people from all over the country, Delhi has a diverse culture, which is also reflected in its eating habits. People are now more open to exploring new experiences, and a host of restaurants have come up to satiate the food lover’s inquisitiveness” shares the manager of a quirky theme based restaurant. And it’s not just new cuisines that the customers are looking for, but also quirky and innovative ambience, that gives them a unique and memorable dining experience. “People have definitely become more experimental”, he adds. “Earlier people would make a hue and cry about portions, but now quirky presentation is the key to impress”, we learn from another restauranteur.


Bid goodbye to the boring ways of luncheons and dining outs; when you have the best theme based restaurants in and around the nation’s capital, serving you drama and delightful food- who wants the simple!


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Adarsh Gill Brar

Armed with a Masters in Economics degree (and innumerable life’s degrees in experiential and hands on learning!), Adarssh Gill Brar is a creative and ambitious go getter, who constantly looks forward to learning from life and conceiving innovative ideas. This attitude, intertwined with her flair for writing led Adarsh to venture into the world of blogging and social media. She has her rose tinted glasses on perpetually every moment of the day, and humor and optimism are her very oxygen!


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