Dipti Datta

THAT’S MY GENUINE FAKE …and I’m proud of it!!

June 12, 2017

My first tryst with the world of 'branded' bags happened once when I saw hoards of college going kids in a night club with the likes of LV, Gucci and Chanel on their shoulders, yes , almost every one of them. Is India really a poor country? , is what I thought then, my ignorance at its peak!! flaunting real genuine fake bags I was shaken out of that bubble a few minutes later when (feeling elated at the thought of belonging to a RICH brigade country) blatantly asked a friend's friend the source of her shining gold Chanel bag. " oh I bought this one in london " , wow!! I thought, imagining myself owning one of these High flying brands one day!! " That's a fake from Bangkok " whispered my dear friend in my ear. And POP! Went my bubble!! And that's how I was enlightened to the world of Genuine Fakes, Simultaneously silently praising the mastery of such plagiarism. It's all about survival, survival to be a part of the branded brigade," carrying the IN genuine fake , proudly flaunting it, and with the ease and confidence that I couldn't muster, carrying a genuine one!! Is it so important to be 'one of those'?? buy fake bags in india In this age of competitiveness, this is a competition of a difference genre. We are competing to be the first to own the 'just in' designer bag, watch or the high heeled wing backed jimmy choo pumps, to be a part of very intense discussions on them in kitty parties. Genuine Fakes to the rescue! Why confine these masterpieces to women only? With the birth of the metrosexual man, there is a clammer to own these by them as well. From T shirts and Wallets to shoes , belts, watches and pens too. All classes for all masses! The movement of the market for these pieces , closer home, has resulted in its reaching to all strata of the society. palika bazaar shopping Recently, my travel in an uber was spent admiring the Ralph Lauren big pony polo T shirt worn by the uber driver, a similar one I spent a bomb on , tempted at the thought of turning it into a kitchen wiper the moment I get home. The sheen, definitely taken off the exclusivity and pride in owning the 'real stuff'. I must confess, I have been tempted a time too many to buy some of these ( my indianness at the thought of owning 5 at the price of one, overpowering) but not relenting to it at the fear of it being judged as a fake genuine!!! Irony in its full fervour. But , As they say,whatever however!! A toast to all genuine fake or was it fake genuine??? Never mind, As long as it is 'genuine '. Cheers to the thought!

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