Travelling- No More A Pet Peeve!

Traveling ? pet at home? ……Bring him along to experience the adventures with you. Dogs are a man’s best friends, wasn’t just a statement made in impulse,It has been validated time and again….being an ardent dog lover myself, i wish i knew earlier that traveling with my best buddy wasn’t really a back breaker. Traveling is no longer confined to us two legged beings… is a four-legged right too, and i say this with complete conviction that there is no one better to teach you life and adventure than your four-legged friend! Travel with is no more a pet peeve!

traveling with pets


They are children who need as much exposure, care, unconditional affection and yes…..pampering, as we do. So, guys, travel with your pets every time and let them make you see the world. We are so consumed with the fast paced city lives that pets remain our last priority, ever so many times forgetting that they are wholly and completely dependent on us , their human parents. That notwithstanding, the therapeutic effects of traveling with pets, has been psychologically proven too.

travel with pets

Vipul Agrahari with his buddies in Leh

Though less in existence, sensitivity towards pets is a virtue that is taken resolutely…. Vipul Agrahari, who runs a pet boarding facility by the name of Happy Pettings- Home based Pet Boarding in Sector 56, Gurgaon, proved its existence , and how? His promise to his buddy,  Happy (Labrador Retriever, that he would travel to Leh Ladakh with Guggu and Breezer (Labrador Retriever, Female, Yellow and Black), saw light, years later when he lost his buddy Breezer. Braving all adversities, He and his wife set out on a road trip to Ladakh, with Happy and Guggu and the paraphernalia to ensure the comfort of their companions- oxygen cylinders, sweaters, blankets and medicines in tow, for the adventure of their lives. What ensued there was probably the most unforgettable journey for not just Happy and Guggu but more for Vipul & his wife.

travel with petsHad my best buddy, Muffin( Golden Labrador Retriever) survived multiple medical complications, this would have been a life goal i would have liked to accomplish. Vipul’s story is not only an example but an inspiration to all Human parents.   There are do’s and don’ts of traveling with pets which need to be taken seriously but there is nothing more gratifying than witnessing your four legged buddies experience the helm of life.



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