Are You Gutsy Enough To Try These Food ?

You think you are a daredevil and can chew anything down your throat? It’s time to reconsider that as these are some weird food in the world that would give you nightmares and can be a task to even put them in your mouth.


Chicken’s Feet

weird food

Imagine eating those feet with sharp edges. It’s is widely popular in many countries and strangely tastes amazing.


Khash – Stewed cows feet and head

weird food

As weird as it may sound, this dish is considered a delicacy. Imagine feasting over this gruesome dish. No, thanks.


Tuna Eyeballs

weird food

It is slimy and something that tastes tame. They are a very popular dish in Japan and can be easily seen in the super markets.


Century Egg / 100 Year Old Egg / 1000 Year Old Egg

weird food

Writing about this one gives me jitters. This dish is not really a century old or what so ever but preserved in a way that it gets rotten and how. The yolk turns a dark green or even black and slimy while the white has turns to a dark brown translucent jelly. And the smell! Oh, that smell is somewhat like sulphur and ammonia.


Wasp Cracker

weird food

No brainer. This dish is exactly what it sounds, a biscuit full of wasps and their stings. Goodbye mouth!


Beondegi – Silkworm snacks

weird food

South Korea loves this snack and how! These worms are boiled / steamed and lightly seasoned, if it makes it sound any better.


Bird’s Nest Soup

weird food

Not the regular soup, this dish is made out of a nest that is built by the bird out of its own gummy saliva, which goes hard when exposed to air.

Now, that’s a lot to take


Frogs Legs

weird food

Apparently this is absolutely amazing and something that people often crave for.



weird food

It is a delicacy in Paris and my absolute favourite, this dish as per me tastes better than any other form of meat. With butter and pesto, this turns into something amazing.



weird food

Another dish that is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, crocodile meat is something that is very famous.


Guinea Pig – Ecuador

weird food

Nobody goes to Peru and doesn’t try this. It is what people say a must try and it tastes somewhat like a rabbit.


Balut – A Filipino Delicacy

weird food

Trust us when we say that there is no other way to put it. Balut is a fertilised duck egg with partly developed embryo inside. It is boiled alive and then eaten directly from the shell with a little salt. If this doesn’t give you creeps, then we don’t know what would.


White ant egg soup

weird food

This soup is made of white ant eggs, with some embryos inside and some little ants to give it a little punch. Supposedly it tastes nice and a little like shrimp.


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