The Most Dangerous Cities in India

I think with the amount of information now available to us, at the tip of our fingertips and all around us in everyday life; it has become easier than ever to keep up with current affairs. The news is like anything else that is living, it has a pulse, it is constantly evolving and changing, re-inventing itself on a daily basis. The same can be said to crime, I know that most of us were not exposed to as much crime when we were growing up, but it seems to be rampant these days. Rape, murder, assault, robbing have all become common practice in the country. Makes us all wonder, how safe are the cities we reside in? Below is a list of the 5 most dangerous cities in India.


most dangerous cities in India
Amongst one of the most unsafe places in the world, the Capital of Bihar, has a lot of molestation, rape and abduction cases happening at an alarming rate; but they also rank very highly in murder cases as well. It leaves us all wondering that for a state capital, it should surely be safer than this.


most dangerous cities in India
The capital of Madhya Pradesh is consistently ranked in the upper echelon for criminal activity and specially crimes against women. In last few years the crime has grown regularly, leading everyone to wonder how long before it over takes over as the most unsafe place in India.


most dangerous cities in India
A place unsafer than the capital of Madhya Pradesh, the city has remained constant in terms of the criminal activities. The alarming part is that the crime rate has not gone down at all in the recent past.


most dangerous cities in India
A place you would not associate with unsafe, the city has some of the highest rates of corruption and cheating cases in the country. It has recorded nearly a two hundred per cent increase in crime in the last few years.


most dangerous cities in India
The capital for the country and crime. At current statistics it is estimated that one out of four crimes in the country occur in Delhi. Robberies, rape, kidnapping, abduction, extortion are a few of the main criminal activities that Delhi lead in. Boasting the largest population per square foot in the country may also be a factor in the matter; it is still a staggering figure to know how much crime is committed in the capital.

There you have it, congratulations if you live in any of these cities; on being someone who knows how to handle themselves or on being extremely lucky. We wish you well. Take care!



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